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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011
Since 90% of the posts on the forum seem to be about politics lately, I thought it would be fun to see how everyone ranks BGW's coasters. I'll go first, in order from favorite to least favorite:

1. Apollo's Chariot
2. Griffon
3. Alpengeist
4. Loch Ness Monster
5. Verbolten
6. Tempesto
7. InvadR

Feel free to add defunct coasters if you'd like, and you can include or exclude Grover's Alpine Express depending on whether or not you think it's fair to rank. Future coasters (i.e. Pantheon) don't count. Also, feel free to comment on and discuss others' rankings.

(Also yes I am aware my ranking is about as GP as it gets.)
I know you say "favorite," but just clarify, you don't mean the best to worst? Best and favorite are different assessments.

Also: point of order: you included a flat in your list.

Good question, I'd say favorite, because it's more subjective and allows for more diverse answers. For example, I think InvadR is objectively a better coaster for its unique forces given its small size and its use of the terrain, versus Tempesto's short, cloned layout. Nonetheless, I find the "rocking" motion of the launches and the backwards climb on Tempesto more fun than anything on InvadR, so if I only had time for one more ride, I'd choose Tempesto over InvadR. I think if this were just a ranking of "best" coasters, there'd be less variation in everyone's posts.

But like you said, maybe that point is moot since only one of those rides is a coaster... ?
1. Apollo
2. Griffon
3. Alpengiest
4. Nessie
5. Verbolten
6. Invadr
7. Tempesto

I will say this, Apollo’s and Griffin are the only two I can ride multiple times in a row without feeling pain or nausea. They are just so smooth and exhilarating.

Alpengiest and Nessie are fun but beat me up too much for multiple rides.

The darkness of Verbolten just doesn’t sit well with me.

Invadr is fun but it tends to be too “whippy” feeling.

Tempesto while I agree is technically a flat is fun but too short. The upside down twist at the top also makes my stomach turn
  1. Alpengeist
  2. Tempesto
  3. Griffon
  4. Apollo
  5. Verbolten
  6. Invadr
  7. Loch Ness
The top four I hadn't ridden at all until this year or it had been over a decade since I'd been on them (waiting on kids to grow big enough), so my ranking is pretty unbiased from prior feelings.
1) Apollo's Chariot
2) Alpengeist
3) Griffon
4) Verbolten
5) Tempesto
6) Invadr
7) Loch Ness

This kind of pained me to type out. It can change day to day which I enjoy most, but some rides I'll only do because I feel like I should, rather than for the fun of it.
  1. Apollo: I love everything about this coaster from the restraints to the night rides
  2. Nessie: Best drop
  3. InvadR: a great rush with near-perfect forces
  4. Bolt: a lot of fun and a great drop track
  5. Alpengeist: fast, but forceless
  6. Griffon: swoopy, but forceless
  7. Grover: at least it is a coaster
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1. Apollo - By far the most GOATED coaster ever, that twisting dive to the Rhine is flawless.
2. Griffon - Best views in the park and provides serious ejector air on three different hills.
3. Alpengeist- Absolute beast of an invert, the first half is super strong and incredibly intense.
4. Verbolten - Great theming for a regional park and some very forceful launches.
5. Loch Ness Monster - Nice long ride and provides some solid airtime moments, very nostalgic coaster.
6. InvadR - Quite possibly the most “fun” coaster at the park, nothing is wrong with it but the length.
7. Tempesto - Thrilling, but I did manage to slam my knee into the side of the train once while boarding and for that reason it’s coming in at #7.
8. Grover’s - Great beginner coaster and I enjoy the whimsical cartoon theme that adorns the ride area.
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