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Joe said:
I've never bought a souvenir cup. :p

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MrLaptop said:
I've never done any headstands while riding Verbolten in a gnome costume whilst eating burritos.

You should try it, I highly recommend it.
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Mäch Tower in its drop tower state is the only ride at BGW I haven't ridden in my 10 years of visiting. I have gotten on Nacht tower during Christmas Town many times
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I have never kissed one of the male performers. I've kissed a number of the females but never a male.

ADD IT TO MY BUCKET LIST! *punches the air*
I've never eaten in Ireland.
... Had a few beers though.

I've never seen Celtic Fyre.
No real reason; just not a show guy.

Never taken the left that takes you to Elmoville.
Ain't gonna happen, either.

Never taken a Rhine boat trip.
Of course, that would change if they had a bar down there. Otherwise, meh, pass.

Never been in the amphitheater.
Few "funnel cake" bands (acts that seem to do the fair circuit) would move me to go see a show at a theme park. Maybe something like Cheap Trick. Certainly not Bret Michaels or anything religious based.

Never watched a complete Mix It Up show.
I like the horn playing (duh), but just never had the desire to watch a complete showing. Maybe one day?

Never been on Roman Rapids.
Probably never going to happen. Raft rides don't do much for me. I also don't care much for being soaking wet. Maybe one day I'll bring a spare set of flip flops but... Meh. Yeah. Highly doubtful.
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Reading this forum, I've come to realize that I visit the park less than the rest of you. Still, I've been on almost all of the rides. Almost! As others have said, I've been on "der Katapult" but not "le Catapult." (didn't go on it last year, previously hadn't been since 2008). Never had the urge to stop on the bridge and take a boat ride. And carousels? Meh.
I've also used a family dryer. My family went with some friends over Memorial Day Weekend 2013 when it was super chilly for some reason and despite that my troll of a younger brother made us all ride the rapids.

Things I haven't done:
-gone to a show
-eaten at any restaurants but the buffet in Fiesta or Trappers(I believe I got funnel cake there once)
-ridden most of the rides in Sesame Street
-any of the rides in San Marco
I'm so glad this thread is back- it is one of my all-time favorites!

I've never eaten at the ice cream shop in Banbury.
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