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My list is pretty similar to everyone else:

I have never bought a cabana or a behind the scenes tour.
I have never ridden a ride in Forest of Fun.
I have never eaten at la cucina (at least since they converted it to a pizza buffet).
I have never bought a pizza cone or pork shank/turkey leg.

I haven't eaten at Pigs in a Blanket (not counting food and wine festival) since I was in high school but that used to be one of the best options when you were a poor teenager. That and buying breadsticks in italy with free cups of water.
I've never ridden front row on Apollo.
Never ridden Flying Machine
Never eaten at a food place outside of the Smokehouse, Festhaus, Italy Restaurant, or the pretzel shop
Never ridden any of the kiddie rides in the park, but I have played in the LOD treehouse and ridden Alpine Express
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I started going to BGW in 1975 and went at least once a year almost every year until Spring 2005 when DarKastle opened so there's lots of things I haven't done since then.

Obviously I've:
Never ridden Griffon.
Never ridden Verbolten.
Never ridden Mach Tower.
Never seen Forest of Fun.
Never ridden Europe in the Air.
Never ridden Le Catapult. (I have ridden The Catapult and Der Katapult but never "Le" Catapult.)
Never been to Christmas Town.
Never been to Star Spangled Nights.
Never been to the Food and Wine Festival.
Never seen The Bunny Trail. (Thank God)
Never rented a Cabana. (Never heard of a cabana at BGW until joining here.)
Never seen any show after Spring 2005.

Before Spring 2005 I've:
Never ridden Drachen Fire. (yes I visited when it was open)
Never ridden Gladiator's Gauntlet.
Never ridden King Arthur's Challenge.
Never thrown up.
Never called the Sky Ride any other name.
Never bought any souvenirs other than two T-shirts. (My avatar is one of them.)
Never bought food inside the park besides once at Trappers, once at Das Festhaus and a funnel cake. We always went back to our car and had sandwiches we brought.
Nicole said:
More people should rent cabanas.

Actually, I take that back.  Leave them for me.

I'll leave them for you. If I won't shell out for food, I certainly won't pay for a cabana. I go for the rides and most definitely NOT for shows or sitting around.

Hey that's another thing I've NEVER done!

I've NEVER said "I'm going to BGW to watch some shows!" :D
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I don't go for the shows, and I don't sit around either.

The cabana, however, comes with QQs and freee drinks.
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I do enjoy an occasional sit in the cabana. But I can not keep moving like my sister can. (bad knees)
Nicole said:
I don't go for the shows, and I don't sit around either.

The cabana, however, comes with QQs and freee drinks.

I know you don't go for the shows. I've read some of your posts about shows so we are in complete agreement on that.

I just thought of some more "NEVER" things.

NEVER stood on my "tippy toes" taking pictures of nonexistent rides.
NEVER been forced to delete pictures at BGW.
NEVER been threatened with banishment from BGW.
NEVER been escorted out of the park.
In light of my inability to think of anything, I'm going to cheat and vary up the replies to this thread a bit.

I've never been locked down inside the park during a severe weather event.
I've never witnessed a park lock-down due to a bomb threat.
I've never walked through the dark, empty park alone well after closing.
Oh, and I have yet to see a third unintentional, destructive fire at the park.

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