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Nov 14, 2009
Williamsburg, VA
I've been to the park 200+ times in the past three years and it just hit me the other day when I was there, I've never eaten at Squire's Grille. Not once.

Is there anything you've walked by a thousand times but have never done? Never ridden Roman Rapids? Never been in Land of the Dragons? Never played a game? Never eaten in San Marco? Anything? Just curious...
Never eaten at Bistro 205.
Never used a family dryer.
Never saw the 4D Elmo show.
Never walked into LotD.

That's all I can think of at the moment.
Never used the family dryer
Never eaten at the Bistro
Never bought any candy in the stores, lol

On the other side of the spectrum every time I go I buy an Eagle Statue and I look at the Glockenspiels. I also take a one hour marathon on Loch Ness after lunch the first day at the park. I only visit twice a year, by the way.
Never have avoided getting sick on Aplengiest.

Even if i have absolutly nothing in my stomach (yes i know i didnt spell that right, i dont care about spelling right now)I still get sick, and that is why i hate dear old Alpie.
Oh man, I have always wanted to go through the tree house in Land of the Dragons, but I have been too self conscious about my age. I have been eagerly waiting for years to take one of the younger kids in my family to BG.
I've never been on Drachen Fire. :D On a more serious note, I've never ridden the red train, and I've never sat in any other seat besides the back on all of the roller coasters.
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I've never painted pottery in New France.

Other than that, its mostly food places I've never eaten at. (Squire's Grille, Bistro 205, any special event type eating places (Howl-o-Scream's buffet, Dine with ______,))
Never eaten at the Bistro(always wanted too)
I've been going for so long, I can't think of anything else I haven't done. I've covered every LEGAL square inch of that park.
Swiftman said:
^ You've used a family dryer? Can we get a trip report?

haha actually I have. I got stuck under the waterfalls on Roman Rapids once and I would not go anywhere else until I was dry.
And yesterday I went over where the trams used to be. Haven't been back in there for years. Glad to still see the koi ponds. I miss the tram...
I also never have taken a tour either. I would love to get an inside peek of the maintenance bays, ESPECIALLY if Verbolten gets added to the tour.
Let's see-

Things I'm now too old for:
-never been in/on anything in FoF.
-Lil' Clydes
-Mini bumper cars/swings/Red baron

-I've never bought alcohol at the park (granted I'm only 23).

-I've never bought tobacco (granted I don't use it).

-I've never bought anything from the funnel cake shop or candy shop in Rhinefeld.

-I've only bought something from the magic shop (when it was Hastings) as far as merchandise goes.

I've never eaten at Bistro 205, Grogan's Pub, Festhaus Kaffe and probably a couple more.
So, I noticed two guests reading this thread and wondered what it was. Anyway, here are my answers:

Unfortunately I can no longer claim never to have seen most of the shows, but I still have not seen a concert at the park.

I have never eaten at any buffet, nor have I ever eaten at La Cucina.
I've never done a wine tasting.
I've never purchased Waterford Crystal in Killarney.

I'm sure there are others, but that is what came immediately to mind.
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