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Aug 23, 2013
Hi all,

I have not posted much so I thought I would throw something out there since we went to HOS this past weekend.

My HOS Background / Short review for this year
So I have been going to HOS for about 6 years now and I have to say this was one if not the best overall events I have been too. We almost always go on Saturday and get QQs so its consistent. There were some good house and even better areas/terror-tories than I believe in the past. The only complaint seem to be not enough scare actors, though this year had the most I have seen - or needed the least amount more.

So HOS is good, but I think it can always get better and I had a couple ideas.
u]What would you do to make HOS better![/u]
  • House Idea: At the end of a long hallway in the middle of a house give participants a choice of going right or left. At the end of each turn have three doors for participants to open. Behind two doors have a scare actor. Behind the third have a path way to the rest of the house. This will provide guarantee scares and make it a challenging for participants. You can label the choice of left or right with something like "wicked scares =>" and "Cheesey scares <=". You would need enough light at the doors and at the split to make sure participants know which way to go.
  • Move the fear of heights room to the Pirates area - wife's idea - and make it a walk the plank scare.

You all are smart folks - what would you like to see at HOS
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