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Aug 25, 2012
At Kings Dominion they have added and taken away several rides. What would you get rid of, change, bring back, anything that involves change.
Tons of dreaming and ideals coming in

Take out
- Hurler
- Anaconda
- Shockwave

- Rebel Yell, bring back the original entrance
- Water park area - definitely modernize it
- Any areas of the park that need refurbishment

- Flowers and trees
- More shows
- New water slides
- B&M/Intamin Wing Coaster
- Flying coaster
- Aqualoop, water coaster, Kraken Racer, etc to water park
- Awesome flat rides (Frisbee, Screaming Swing, Air Race, Top Scan, etc)

Bring Back
- Old Dominion Line
- Skyride
- Any missing flats the park could use
- Diamond Falls
- A classier logo
- Lake Charles
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I'll post a little bit more detailed later on but at the top of my head I would

Bring back Old Dominion Line and the Skyride

As much as a like Volcano: The Blast Coaster I would restore it back to it's original form with the 3 rides but modernize them and change the stories.

Restore Lake Charles.
Move the waterpark to only be on the back side of Rebel Yell
Do a full rework of Rebel Yell.
Tear down Hurler and Grizzly and build 2 GCI coasters in its spot with enough room for a shuttle coaster using the Hypersonic Station. (WindSeeker will still be there).
I would still go through with the Planet Snoopy Expansion.
Repaint all the ride that have not gotten any type of paint job in the last couple of years. Tear down Anaconda and build a flyer of the lake.

That's all I have for now.
Ditto to what y'all said, except for grizzly, that's my favorite woodie at KD. But i would like to add, they need more restrooms. They need one around i305 and FOF
First thing I would change - I'd redo the pavement and get rid of ALL of the blacktop in the park. That surface isn't really comfortable to walk on because of the heat it absorbs and radiates. I'd install a lighter colored surface and maybe add variations in texture like they do at IOA.
Ah yes I forgot about that one. The sections of the park that have pavers look quite nice. The path way for Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular for example.
The one thing that I would change is plant life. They need more trees and flowers. If I chose a second it would probably be get rid of some roller coasters. It is TOO CROWDED with all of the roller coasters.
They painted themselves into a corner with all the coasters that they have in the park. I think if they build a path through i305 (or get rid of a major part of the water park) and get rid of Hurler, they can open up a decent path into their back area which is basically the same size as the current park.
I don't think that the number of rides is any issue but the issue is like B.Mac said is that they placed them without the thought of expanding the park further. Remember that Kings Dominion sits on over 700 acres of land and only about 400 of that 700 is being used. They could use the land better if they could relocate some. I still think that the WaterPark should be moved to the complete back of Rebel Yell.
^Also remember that a big chunck of land is used for the parking lot and employee areas. So with that it gets rid of quite a bit of acreage.
Things I would change/update:

I know almost no one likes this coaster but I do and I think if it was retracked the right way it would be fun for families since its not huge or long.

Flight of Fear
I would update the theming or completely change it altogether. When you walk into the building and then into the station area you can really see the age of it.

I would give this a new theme for some reason I do not like this name.

Rebel Yell
Retarck the entire thing and turn one train backwards again

Retrack entire thing making it way more smooth in the back. Right now to me its brutal.

Add more to this coaster. Its a fun coaster but its not worth a long wait at all in my opinion because its so short. There is a lot of room behind the mountain where they could add more drops, curves, loops, dives, etc. Then I would call it Volcano 2.0.

Put some flat rides down in this area for families with kids so the kids have something to ride while their family rides the coaster.

Either rework the end of this ride or completely remove it creating an awesome large area over the lake to put a new coaster. The beginning is awesome and that is why I ride it but once you come of that first inversion it boring and the point where it almost slows down is silly in my opinion. It barely makes it around the cork screws.

I would add more slides and take out what is not working. Everything in this water park is so spread out and to me it looks funny. I do not always like going there because you have to walk so much to each thing. Reminds me of Marineland in Canada. The water park needs some unique rides. The only good thing about it is Pipeline Peak.

Flat Rides
I would love to see the park get some new flat rides.
  1. Air Race (Zamperla)
  2. Power Surge (Zamperla)
  3. Super Spin (Zamperla)
  4. Screaming Swing (Zamperla)
  5. Energy Storm (Zamperla)
  6. Sombrero (Zamperla)
  7. Twist and Bounce (Zamperla)
  8. Zodiac (Zamperla)

Get rid of all the blacktop - way too hot in the summer.
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Another thing I would do with the waterpark is make sure the water that is used goes through an ice tank of some sorts so you're not taking a bath while riding. Last time I was on the water was luke warm and gross.
I would like to see Shockwave removed. That's a pretty good space for another coaster. A eurofighter maybe? Heck, just rename the area the Midway and add some of those flat rides in there. Lots of games and classic midway-style rides (ie: chairswing, triple spin, dodgem) located around that area.
Shockwave is just a waste of space in my opinion. The helix is death, and the ride is not even close to being enjoyable; more like an endurance test.
Another thing: if Anaconda was removed, could I305 be expanded over that area? Just a thought...
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