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Sep 23, 2009
This thread will be for discussing what you think will happen with the land that will be left empty beside Festa Italia. In case you were unaware, that land is where the Clydesdales live and since the Clydesdales are being removed from the parks, there is no need for the stables there anymore.

I've added a picture showing the size of the land the stables sit on in comparison to Festhaus Park and the Big Bad Wolf plot.

What do you think is going to happen?


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Shame they are removing the Clydesdales, they really have been removing all the Signature things, BBW, Clydesdales, whats next, Alpengiest?

I have had this speculation that they might add an area as an Addon of Italy, or it could be Greece or Spain, and it would have a pathway that followed the edge of the Rhine River. (In the blue area)
Italy is big enough. I hope they go with a new country. Shake things up! I really like the Greece idea.

And I will say again that BBW, if it has the "healing" marks like Nessie, which are probably worse given the physics of the ride, would have had to be completely rebuilt. I know we all loved BBW, it's a classic, but you have to remember about physics and how over 30 years it has changed the ride especially with how it was built, which was piece by piece assembled on site.
Ah Chris, you know what I think should happen. heh~ I am sure most of the folks at Busch know too. To quote another post I just left:
"The only thing I hope with the loss of the Clydesdales, if the idea I submitted years ago to Busch that they convert the land behind and including Festa Italia to Greece and connect the Rhine River Cruise to have a docking port there as well.

I know they are chomping at the bit to do something with the BBW site, but this concept would provide a better flow of traffic in that particular area as it could have another entrance from Italy itself (making a circle and not one entrance into Festa as it stands now). Doing this would also provide an obvious (weather) sheltered eating area (I suggested a Parthenon structure) that houses Greek Food and entertainment. This seems so much more logical and well, awesome than Spain behind Germany. My concept also included a drop ride called "the Fall of Icarus" (well themed of course), Apollo's Chariot reamains the same because Apollo is the same name in Both Greek and Roman Mythology ironically, and Roman Rapids could easily be changed to the "Grecian Gorge Adventure" or something along those lines. Simple, money saving and efficient."

Hey, has anyone ever given thought to why Busch has never made an electric mover or transport of some kind for those elderly, handicapped, or other wise unable to make it down to the Rhine River Cruise? I have often wondered about this.

Also, I noticed that Christmas Town has a "Pick A Pearl" type gift shop in France. Does anyone remember this same thing back in the mid 80's next to the Rhine River Cruise? It was in the boarded up shed that hasn't been used in a decade.
The Rhine River Cruise as a transport system rather than just a ride is a good idea.

Perhaps it would be difficult to retrofit those hills with some type of transport device (it could still be done if they wanted to do it), but perhaps a dock on the other side of the river (Greek side) could provide this access and allow people in wheelchairs to access not only the cruise, but also be able to be under the Loch Ness loops. That's something that stands out in my mind as being an essential experience a guest should have at one time or another.

I think the "pick a pearl" shop will be pretty much the same as the cart they have out in front of the jewelry store in France during the regular season. I've never seen anyone actually buy a pearl, but I guess some people do if they keep it out there. And I thought that shed was just storage, I had no idea they used to use it for anything guest related.
Dock springs the idea in my mind that they really need to completely replace the dock that goes under the Lochness. Those extension railings don't cut it for me. Not to mention they lose about a 2 Person length due to that extra railing. I think that area near Festa could be Greece, and they could later have a bridge go across to Spain.
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