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The haunted houses Fear Fair, and Cursed. And the stuff on the left is where the horses, lambs, etc. will stay over the winter. That's it though.
I may be wrong, but isn't that Fear fair? I know when you drive by on the train all the buildings for the HOS maze are still up. You can still see it on the top of Apollo's too.
Fear fair was back there, and when the park opened there used to be bison back there that could be viewed by the train. Now it is home to the parks barnyard animals.
Isn't Buffalo Wings made from real Buffalo? Ba dum bum!

Anyway, I looked at Google Maps and they do not even show Verbolten. It is an old image with just the Big Bad Wolf footers out there.

But currently - right now- the carnival tents are still up and I can even see the "Bee Man" building from Apollo's. Ugh.. I can still remember that rancid smell... and germs. The germs.
Noooo! That place scares me! :shocked:

Actually Roman Rapids scares me too. People may spit in the water... ugh.

In fact, doesn't Old Man Withers own Fear Fair? (Waiting for someone to catch the reference).
Also, about the google maps, I have notified the people that they have added two new attractions and changed things a bit, so they know. They also just updated the Kings Dominion satellite picture, so you would think B.G. is soon to come. Oh well, just more waiting. :dodgy:
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If you have Google Earth, you can use the "historical imagery" function to update the map to a more current picture (latest image is Summer 2011 before Verbolten went vertical). Of course the imagery is low quality so we're pretty much stuck with the 2010 imagery for now.
I have a question. It's not what was in the area, but does B.G. own the piece of land across the river from Festa? That little peninsula, if you will. I don't know if that made sense, oh well.
Yes. The property extends out to the little dam- way in the back of the Rhine River too.

Someone put together a nice outline here:
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jonn804 said:
Thanks for the information. Personally, I think it would be a great location for a new Spain.

You know, I'm not a big fan of the Spain idea. When I think of Spain I think Spanish, and when I think Spanish I think SouthAmerica. I just think Spain wouldn't be a good addition to B.G. I don't know why I have an issue with this, honestly. I'm not a big fan.
I guarantee you that people from South America (any country), Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, wherever, DO NOT think of themselves as Spanish or having anything to do with SPAIN. As a matter of fact, some would even take offense at the suggestion.
As much as I like the Greece/Pompeii ideas here, I too have my heart set on Spain becoming a hamlet at BGW someday.
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At first I wasn't in on the whole Spain idea; probably because of all the European countries, Spain is the one I know the least about (Historically). All I could recall was their religious turmoils, numerous wars,and their oceanic expeditions.

Looking into their history, I think what makes Spain exciting is its diversity. Spain has been fought over and influenced by so many cultures and religions it has become a very interesting mix of everything.

Mediterranean, Gothic, Al-Andalus, Romanesque, Renaissance, and the list goes on. It's uniqueness is its diversity. Still, my first thought of Spain is the red tiled roofs, cathedrals, and coastlines.

The food is also a mix of cultures and influences.. and I will say; Spanish wine is also very nice. The country, upon my research, has really grown on me and I am beginning to see just how lovely and unique Spain is.

It shocked me to find out how much I enjoyed Spanish art and literature. I never thought much about it. Diego Velázquez and Esteban Murillo were amazing painters and I can almost feel my art history teacher glaring at me for just now remembering them.

Oh- I would also say I do love the story of Don Quixote. Classic. I wonder if they would put a windmill of La Mancha if the park built Spain? That would be fabulous.
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