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Chris said:
The worst coaster I've ever been on is Gwazi.
They recently finished retracking the Tiger side.. It's so much smoother now!

Worst ride I've ever been on.. Dragon Fire at Canada's Wonderland.

The first time I rode it, when I came back, a girl was waiting in the exit for first aid because the ride ripped her earring out of her ear and she was bleeding. I gave it a second try a few years later.. Still the worst coaster I've ever been on.
I don't mind the Hurler, the worst coaster I've been on is Shockwave at KD. Flat is Crypt at KD.
I've never ridden Shockwave, and am not sure that I ever will. I think it's safe to say, based on what I have heard, that KD needs to either A) remove Shockwave or B) rename it the Emasculator and be done with it. I have heard nothing but complaints, mostly from men, about the restraints.
Hurler bruised my girlfriends chest some how. I love hurler, so I actually had to laugh. I don't understand how it happened. But if anything Grizzly or Rebel Yell are rougher. Rebel yell just seems extremely worn out.
I wonder how good wooden coasters burn...:angel:

IMO Rebel Yell (backwards) > Grizzly > Rebel Yell > then Hurler. Taxi Jam has them all beat though, especially if you like to be decapitated.
Mean Streak at Cedar Point. I could feel my brain hitting the sides of head and I'm pretty sure all my teeth were chipped afterwards as well; luckily, they've all healed.
I agree that it's kind of plain, but the worst? What about Shockwave, Volcano, or even Andaconda?
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