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Curve Flattener.
Aug 3, 2017
Newport News, VA
A degree in Dad Jokes?

The time my son spent as a college intern at Disney one of his roommates was a Jungle Cruise skipper. That particular year (i think five years ago) all the college interns chosen to work as such (according to his roommate) had alliterative names. I have to believe that they were personable in their interviews as well, but that seems really random. The roommate worked a ton of overtime because hardly anyone is appropriately cross-trained on Jungle Cruise other than those hired to do so. He received a lot of guest accolades but those didn't correspond to monetary increases in salary.
One of his other apartment-mates was chosen as a boat skipper running routes between Port Orleans and Disney Springs. He proved to be too fearful to do so, and gave up that job for a less stressful one.
Another roommate was a lifeguard who really liked his job but had a lot of cancelled hours due to Florida weather.
And my son? He was hired as a character actor after auditioning in Philadelphia. Three days into wearing a character suit in 90 degree Florida weather he decided he was too claustrophobic and hot to carry on. He accepted a job in merchandising which was indoors in Disney Springs. His premium pay for being a character actor was an extra 10 cents an hour. He was happy to transfer to Disney Springs.
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