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Aug 19, 2012
Hey all...

I figured this would be a good place to get some advice on a possible trip to BGW in October.

I'm trying to plan a BGW/KD trip on a Fri, Sat, and Sun in October. I haven't been to BGW since Drachen Fire was still there, so I'm mainly going for the rides/coasters (no interest in the Haunt stuff, unless time allows).

I would be getting the QQ pass to help insure I can get on everything I'm able to, but I have some questions:

1. Are all the coasters open during this time?

2. How bad are Haunt crowds--will they affect being able to do all the rides? I'm guessing this would only be a problem towards the evening?

3. I would most likely be hitting BGW for a full day on a Friday--hopefully school will be in, and with the QQ should I expect to be able to get through the park in one day? If not, I can add on half a day on Sat before heading to KD.

Any and all advice welcome! Thanks in advance!
You should be good with the quick queue. Saturday is going to be packed at both parks.

Coasters should be running.
Also I think Quick Queue includes the Haunted Houses so you should be able to get those done quick as well. My main advice is do all the rides and shows except Dig It Up during the day, and you should be able to to Haunted Houses and Dig It Up at the end of the night with little to no waits (if the QQ you get includes Haunted Houses). That way you can get everything, if you can't get rides done by 5pm, I suggest going on to the haunt and then do the rest of the rides the following morning.
For a Friday trip do NOT waste your money on QQ. Fridays have of plenty time to do it all multiple times without throwing your money toward a straight to the bottom line product. Friday day focus on coasters, Friday night shoot for the more popular mazes right at 5. Coming from someone who went nearly every Friday last year.
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