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Yes, Ive seen that last night as well! I was wondering why they had the page up, but not any cams hooked up as well.
Welcome to the forum getsamnow, im new as well. Interesting they did not have the cams up but the webpage up. Maybe they are just teasing us. I just wonder where the locations of the web cams are going to be.
Apparently, Zimmy confused this discussion with the What Are You Listening To thread...and I worry about his taste in 80s music, as well.

In case I wasn't clear, dear brother mine, please stop spamming the Forum with off-topic posts.
I WUB my sister! You don't like Rockwell? Don't you know that MJ produced that song and sang backup? For the record I hate the song, but sometimes the things you hate are most appropriate...
So does that mean i am like a cousin or adopted brother? Anyways back on topic ,so what location do you think the webcams will be in?
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My guess would be 4 cameras. One mounted on each side of the Eiffel Tower showing the entire park and surroundings.
The webcam is up! It shows the construction site for Hurricane Heights. :D

The webcam appears to be mounted to Pipeline Peak's tower.
I'm just glad the web cam quality has improved since the Planet Snoopy expansion...
One thing I do like about Kings Dominions Camera is how it is constantly live even throughout the night. Busch Gardens Cameras were always turned off and on at certain points, which I didn't like because what if they were turned on late or off early, etc. It's also cool to see what it is like at night. Unfortunately it is pitch black right now being that there are no lights.
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Looks like the webcam is at a different angle now on pipeline peak, showing the line and drop slides.
The web cam has been removed from the park's website.
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