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Jun 16, 2013
Not sure where best to put this so if an Admin thinks it would better fit somewhere else please move it.

I am in Charlotte for a few days and went to Carolwinds tonight around 6:30 only to walk up to the gate and be told they were not letting people in as they were closing early at 7 tonight because of weather. Now two points on this one the weather had past and it was going to be clear dry and beautiful the rest of the night so while they were claiming weather it really was because it had been rainy and attendance was down. No problem with that they are a business they had to make a profit and it they need to close early to cut cost that fine. Point two I had checked FB, Twitter, and the park's app nothing on any of them about closing early.

So my question is in general how do parks make these calls and how do they inform their guest as to the call being made? It seems to me that in this day age that there are many effective ways to do so and that it should be a key requirement of making that decision to close to insure that people know you are doing so before coming out. I would add that I was not the only person I saw that was having this issue tonight.
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Jun 3, 2010
Newport News, VA
To be fair, Kings Dominion closed at 6 today without any warning (Park website, App, Social media, Email) to anybody that wasn't already inside of the park. The website still said that they were open until 10:00pm as of 9:30pm tonight, yet the park had already been closed for over 3 hours.
Don't know about any other social media, but at least on Facebook, Kings Dominion posted just before 3:00 that they'd be closing at 6:00.
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