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Jun 22, 2011
Guys, I love ride photos but not the 20 dollars EACH that they screw you over with, I would take EVERY photo if they were ever close to reasonable, so here is what BG needs to do to stay an innovator.

Offer the BG Online ride photo website for frequent/hardcore/family/group riders. You buy a membership (price to be determined, could be season,monthly,weekly or year) which gets you 2? cards with an account and bar code, after riding a ride with photos you give your card to the photoboth operator and they scan it sending the digital copy to your online account/page, DONE. This should take MINIMAL time for the both operators as I honestly don't see that many photos being sold after rides, mostly people looking and taking photos of the monitors with their phone cams anyway! From home or even phone you just login with your number via internet and view photos, print etc. They could also advertise picture frames and other stuff on the site where you get the photos??

So now how do I get this to BG Management ....

That's actually a really great idea. Instead of having a separate card, why not have it as an addon to your season pass? As you're leaving the ride, just hand them your pass and within 24 hours, your picture would be posted to your passmember page.

How much extra per year do you'll think is fair? I'm thinking somewhere around $30...
I've often thought about this. I can't see why they couldn't give you one of those adventure photo cards where you could go online and buy your photo for $5. I went to an even recently where they did just that. They had photographers in the crowd who went around and took pictures, then handed you a card with a # to go online and redeem them for a couple of bucks. Seems pretty easy to me and should be a good money-maker.
Add on to your annual pass for $20-40, unlimited images and a fee per image if you don't add it to pass.
Ha don't count on that 25 dollar target.... They are screwing people out of 18 dollars just for a really crappy quality picture with no frame at AC. It will be a "per pic" payment I'm sure....

I wonder if they contract that picture thing out to some sleazy third party carnival company or if they run that scam in-house like those rip off carnival games all over the park now.. really do we need another 3 game booths right in front of AC, plus one RIGHT in front of Alpinegiest, are there not enough that no one is playing over in Oktoberfest all ready? Seems that ever time there is an open spot they put a cheap game in... Take a look at the big pavilion style building right across from the teacups and the other ride on the way to Roman Rapids, its a giant ride pavilion but now they put a tiny drink stand and a HUGE water squirt game, i have literally NEVER seen a single person playing at that one....

I know it has been said that the carnival games are a cash cow but they need to come up with some other scam, or preferably something actually worth spending money on, it really does give the park a "cheap feel" over there, they might as well have Rockn'Roll Mirrors (I always wanted the KISS ones), fuzzy dice and velvet prints for prizes! People say they see money being spent there but it must be weekends because we go during the week and the workers are usually just standing there trying to stay awake ... I was disappointed to see that soccer ball scam pop up in the empty space right next to the games, its usually empty, but then again that basketball thing seems to be full of idiots trying to be #23 all day...

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