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RE: New Logo for WCUSA too?

I like it. Not too different, but clearly more modern.
RE: New Logo for WCUSA too?

Thanks, I am working on making a timeline of logos for WCUSA and BGW now. I think it is so interesting how they managed to always keep a wave in the logo in some way or fashion. Although the first wave looks kind've cool.
Looks like they are using the same font as Busch Gardens. I wonder if a new Adventure Island logo is floating around out there...
I always liked the original logo also; like PR said, the wave is pretty awesome. But my favorite was actually the one with the Sun. I think it represented WCUSA as a paradise and just kind of a chill, relaxing place; which is exactly how I envision it.

Plus, that logo has some sentimental value because, as a child, I went there almost as much as I went to BGW, and that was the logo in use, so it brings back a lot of good memories.
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I like it, it has a nice modern style and the wave is pretty cool. And correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the orange part of the wave is meant to be the sun. I might be wrong but that's a cool way of mixing the sun in with the wave.
The block letters were introduced around 1993, so Water Country used a different logo beforehand. I remember seeing a commercial from the year the park opened on YT (I tried searching for it again, but I guess it got deleted) and it clearly had a different logo.


Adventure Island 1992 (thanks TPR)


Adventure Island 1993 (thanks TPR)

The current script logo is still in use, so they probably won't change it over to the new script until next year or something.

- Another random note, both script logos (with and without the sun) are technically the same logo, just with the wave on a different side. They're pretty much interchangeable.
Yeah I think they are variations of the same logo depending on whether or not tey have space for the Sub in it. They use the one with the Sun on the website. I agree that we will probably see the new one either late in the season or next season. Although WC has time to switch out still, they don't open til the end of May and we saw how quickly BGW was able to rebrand.
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Slogan on wikipedia is "The wetter, the better!" Where has this been used? I hardly ever hear any WCUSA ads that feature any slogan, then again I hardly hear any ads for WCUSA period.

EDIT: Wikipedia says the park opened in 1984; however SWPE acquired the park in 1992. I am currently deep in research on the history in general of the park and hopefully find out more info. Did SWPE keep the logo from 1984 or did they use the above one in 1992?

EDIT: Sadly, not much to report on Googling the park's history. Time to directly contact the park!
I know that is why I said, if anyone else has any better info, please bring it forward, if not this is what we have to go by. Although, I will say the Wiki pages for the parks tend to be more accurate than most other pages there. If I can recall, the park edits and modifies their Wiki pages accordingly as they see inaccurate information and I think it is even in one of their policies that if an employee notices a mistake, they are to report it to the PR department and they are not authorized to make any changes themselves.

By the way, I also got the 1984 and 1992 years from an official WCUSA media kit from 2008.
As far as I know, the block letters were introduced in 1993 and remained that way until the mid-2000s. My 2006 Tampa brochure has the current logo in place, so it was probably changed over between 2004-2006. Once again, the dates are off.


Thanks TPR

Here's the 2003 brochure with the old block logo still in use.


Thanks TPR

The 2006 brochure with the current script in place.
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Just got an email with a picture of the "tickets" for WCUSA, they are using the new logo now, and the colorful wave that we are seeing seems to be used in a similar fashion as the coaster tree. They are very much in the same style, the tree and the wave.
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