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Eric said:
It is now officially confirmed, with a video, featuring Carl Lum!
Seems like an interesting concept for that park! Now I'm curious if they'll place it over the lake (it's rather large) or if they'll have it in it's own thematic area? That park doesn't have too much to work with.
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Gosh, Carl is as cringe-worthy as ever in that video.
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I've heard that Intamin is building this ride. This is essentially a MotoCoaster/Cycle Coaster dressed as a JetSki. I believe there are only a handful of manufacturers that build "cycle" coasters such as Zamperla. Maurer showed off a similar concept at the last IAAPA. Intamin built Jet Rescue at Sea World Gold Coast in Australia as well.

On top of that, I'm really glad that it's San Antonio getting this ride. They've been over due for a coaster for many years.
San Diego got the Mack Version of Manta. San Antonio has the Chance-Morgan Hyper Coaster Steel Eel and the Batman Clone, Great White.
In case anyone missed this the Wavebreaker trains were revelaed yesterday at IAAPA and I have to say they look really sleek.

Also, it was revealed that the height requirment will be 48 inches, tallest point of elevation at 61 feet, and have two launches with the first at 38 mph and the second one 44 mph.

I felt when I visited in 2014 the park was missing attractions for the entire family so this will be a nice addition to fill that gap.
Apparently the design of these trains is completely different from Jet Rescue at Sea World Australia and the similarly designed MotoCoasters. These trains have a more traditional sit-down seat.
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Back row POV from Midway Mania:

The ride itself looks solid (perfect addition for SWSA it seems), but I'm very disappointed with the tunnel/shed/thing at the start of the coaster before the launch. It looks like a very cheap afterthought. I was expecting something similar to Manta's opening at SWSD. :-/
Less expensive I'm sure, and probably lower power costs. Not surprised for a family coaster really, Dollywood's Fire Engine family coaster had a tire launch.
I knew SEAS was cutting costs, but a dodgy copy of Windows on the dispatch monitor? (Found on Reddit)

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I like how someone had an actual rational explanation - Windows runs an occasional license check in the background and something something the computer running the software likely isn't able to connect to the license server.
Given its Windows 7, I don't think Microsoft cares... joking aside, this is most likely not the actual operation HMI, as that is most likely a Siemens, AB, Red Lion, or Phoenix product. This looks like a remote computer that is setup for maintenance to troubleshoot problems outside of the operators booth. Verbolten has one setup in the electrical room. And @Dave / Pink is right, there is most likely some separation from the internet, as a security precaution. That's why Stuxnet was a virus that lived on USB devices, because the machinery that it would affect was not on the internet.
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