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Jun 23, 2010
Restaurants at most well-run parks (like restaurants in general) offer free tap water. Sea World Ent.'s parks, Disney parks, Hersheypark, Dollywood, etc. offer free tap water. I haven't visited Six Flags parks in a few years, but one of the many customer service issues that keeps me from returning to them is that they refused to give tap water. I assume this is still the case.

I have read several reviews of Kings Dominion. One review mentioned receiving free tap water upon request, while another complained that the park refused to offer tap water. What is the truth? Do restaurants at Kings Dominion give tap water?
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Yes. But instead of giving you a small cup, they give you a little platic shot glass type cup. I asked if I could still get a small cup of water for free and was told I would then have to pay for it.
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They've always given me tap water upon request. I will say that the cups they give it in are absurdly small though. In fact, they're so ridiculously small that it's almost like they're trying to punish you for not paying for a bottle of water. The best solution is probably to just ask for two or three cups of water per person.

EDIT: Evan beat me to it. :p
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I recall being given a cup of water comparable to what I would get at Busch Gardens, when I went to KD.However, it is worthwhile to note I had bought a burger and this was a couple years ago.
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Peter R. said:
I recall being given a cup of water comparable to what I would get at Busch Gardens, when I went to KD.However, it is worthwhile to note I had bought a burger and this was a couple years ago.

I wonder if the policy changed since your visit, or do they actually offer larger cups when a meal purchase is involved? I didn't make that clear in my original post, but I had water with a meal in mind. I like water with my meals, America's tap water is safe, and I think it's poor customer service to refuse to give tap water or to offer absurdly small cups. The company is putting greed over customer satisfaction. Restaurants traditionally offer tap water when meal purchases are involved, so can anyone verify if the size of the cups differs when meals or purchased or not?
netdvn said:
If water is really that big of an issue, water bottles are your friend. I carried a water bottle at both SWO and BGT and it pretty much lasted me the entire day.

I understand your point, but I'm looking for water as part of a meal, not something I need to carry around with me. It's a long standing tradition for restaurants to offer water to paying customers. It's not something I've ever had a problem with except at a select few amusement parks that appear greedy about this (SF parks and Canobie Lake Park). It's a simple convenience and a good measure of customer service. It's notable that the parks I mentioned in the original post offer water, and they are among the most highly regarded parks in the country.
cotnoutlaw said:
I just drink out the fountain in Ireland, you know, the one with the pot of gold.

Ewww- so gross.

I do drink from the "drinking" water fountains sometimes. I try to forget that they are all located next to bathrooms. Bleh. :( I have to be VERY thirsty to venture to one of those.
Every park should have one of these!

But greed rules! :(

Zachary said:
IndyRacingNut said:
^^^ Where is this??

Holiday World- famous for being the largest park in the country to offer unlimited free soft drinks. It's every bit as glorious as it sounds.

Yes, glorious is the word! :)

Pepsi products AND Gatorade for FREE, all day, every day, in that park!

Their Splashin' Safari water park there even offers free sun screen.
Buying bottled water is brought up in another thread, but I didn't want to derail that topic and this was the most relevant thread I could find.

But serious question here. Why do folks on here buy bottled water (at any park, not just KD) when water is provided for free? I'm not being snarky or anything, it's just something I've always wondered. I'm sure there are plenty of legitimate reasons.
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I do it because if I forget my souvenir cup. I buy a bottle and refill it the rest of the trip. Once I'm done I recycle it.
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