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Sep 10, 2012
Restaurant: Daddy-O's
Meal: Cuban Sandwich
Price: $7.99 (À la carte)
Pros: Pretty good. Much better than the Cuban at Das Festhaus Cafe. Though not on Cuban bread, the flat-bread that they use for all of their sandwiches here is very good. Crispy and flavorful.
Cons: Not on Cuban bread. What gives BGW/WCUSA?!? Have none of you been to Ybor City...home of the Cuban?!?
Recommended: This time...Yes



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Restaurant: Daddy-O's
Meal: Roast Beef Flatbread Sandwich plate (with fresh fruit)
Price: $8.99 (99% sure, anyway...)
Pros: Very good, actually. I wasn't expecting a lot, so I was pleasantly surprised. There's plenty of meaty, lean, rich roast beef folded in with melty cheese in a crisp, flavorful flatbread. Yum! Felt like a more controlled cheesesteak sandwich. Awesome!! The fruit that came with it was sweet, fresh, and crispy. Lettuce and tomato come on the side. Again, this was like an interesting little variation of a cheesesteak sandwich (possibly a little healthier, too.)
Cons: Lettuce and tomato come on the side, instead of in the sandwich. And since the sandwich is glued together with cheese, hopefully you don't mind eating your garnishes on the side. Other than that, it looks a little small and funny at first. Get past it - it's more than you think, and delicious!
Recommended: Most definitely! Like I said, it was an interesting, filling, flavorful little meal. Very good, quick preparation. Along with the Budweiser Shrimp Cart shrimp (I love those...), this may be one of the best things I've had at Water Country. Try it out!

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it, as I find it to be a bad idea to carry my camera around at a water park. Luckily, I looks almost identical to ChickenKing's Cuban sandwich from Daddy-O's above! :cool:
It is ugly.  It is messy.  It is chaos-incarnate on a plate.  It is absolutely delicious!!  

Restaurant: Daddy-O's
Meal: Colossal Curl
Price: $8.49
Pros: BBQ and cheese...and LOTS OF IT!!  Very filling; can feed several depending on appetite.
Cons: Same ole' chips are meh...but provide the required crunch.
Recommended: Definitely!! :)
*May need to ask for this contraption as it was not listed on the menu as of last weekend.  But I assure you it exists. ;)


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They had a small sign on the counter with it listed along with the price. Though if you ask were to get any type of BBQ, team members will be clueless.
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For several years I have had my eyes on this cart.  It always smells so good when they are grillin' up the shrimp.  The problem was that it was never open when I wanted to try it.  I rarely eat at the water park, but sometimes on a longer visit I just can't resist.  Well, today I finally hit it just right when I was both hungry and the stand was open. :)

Restaurant: Shrimp Cart
Meal: Shrimp
Price: $4.99
Pros: Was grilled and spiced up just right; very tasty.
Cons: Only six shrimp? ;)
Recommended: For a nice snack...YES!!

I kinda was expecting more of a popcorn shrimp offering vs. what I had today.  Not sure why, but it didn't really matter.  I enjoyed it with my daughter.

Thanks for posting; those shrimp are amazing. The Shrimp Cart is closed a lot, but whenever I see it open I make sure to nab some. They are basically the perfect balance of being buttery (not too buttery, just enough to make them a little rich), meaty, and well-seasoned. They pretty much taste as good as they smell, and since that smell lures me over every time, that's saying something. I do agree, I could use more than just six little shrimp to make a meal out of it though. Thanks a lot, CK, you've made me hungry. :p
This wonderful sweet & salty offering made its way to the water park!!

Restaurant: Cosmic Cafe
Meal: Chicken & Funnel Cake
Price: $7.99
Pros: Chicken fingers...funnel cake...maple syrup...what's not to like?  Can't beat the sheer volume and calories per dollar.  It's a lot of food for the price and can be a snack for multiple people depending on appetite. ;)
Cons: Uuuuuummm...too many calories?
Recommended: Oh yeah!! :)




The menus here are digital.  The last few weekends they had not been working.  
You may need to ask for verification if you can't read the menu.
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