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Jun 2, 2011
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ThemePark University has an exclusive interview with a guest that recently was riding on the Red train of the Walt Disney World Monorail System and witnessed the train's door open mid-ride and caught the incident on camera. Head over there to read it and see the video for yourself!

I think this mishap solidifies any thoughts I ever had about leaning on the doors of any public transit vehicle in the future. said:
Rumor - (1/17/18) As many other news source have jumped on our story about the possible future closure of the Epcot monorail service, please keep in mind that according to our anonymous sources, this is simply a possible plan that was being discussed, but one that they felt at the time would likely have to happen SOMETIME in the near future… but not right now… not just yet. Of course, Disney could reverse course on this idea completely and opt to build a completely new fleet of monorail trains and refurbish the beamways as well. At this point, nothing is supposed to have been decided either way just yet.

Backing this fact up is an official response from the Walt Disney World Communications department, who states: “We wanted to reach out to you to let you know this is not true. There are no plans to end the system.”

Certainly this seems to be good news, as the existence of the Walt Disney World Monorail is simply an deeply embedded part of the entire Walt Disney World experience. The sight of the trains sailing across the “highway in the sky”, the sounds… the smells… it just isn’t a proper trip to Disney World without a little bit of Monorail as a part of your day, which is why fans have been begging for decades to see the system expanded to add destinations to the Studios and Animal Kingdom parks, or to add stops to other Disney Resorts or locations like Disney Springs.

For now… hold on tight and stay clear of the doors. A world of adventure awaits...
I was just watching a Tim Tracker video on you tube the other night about the Disney Springs Tree Trail. One of the trees was decorated with monorails and one of the monorails had a door missing. Tim said something like, "is disney just making fun of themselves now". I thought he was referring to the door opening in while in motion incident. Not sure when the actual door falling off happened, but maybe he was referring to this new incident. The video is attached. His comment happens at around the 14:40 mark.
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Yeah those monorail issues are getting bad. According to the Orlando News down here apparently a guest in an EVC must of hit the door and knocked it off and or fell off. I hope WDW gets on this before it gets too bad, that is long drop down from that platform if you know what I mean. They recently had while monorail Red was doing its loop, a door just open and stay open. Could you imagine if it was one of those busy busy days someone probably would of been OOPS BYE FELICIA. I hope they fix them or get upgrades soon. Especially with the WDW 50th coming up in like 2 years. If anyone has ever rode the monorails at WDW they are falling apart, they smell, and nothing hardly works, even the pillars the monorail tracks are on are cracking. I hope they fix it before someone gets hurt, but so I know its probably gonna be expensive, but before it gets too bad and someone gets hurt or there is a fatal incident. Hopefully, the little bean counting pixie dust farters put the money out to get new trains, refurbish and fix the issues. The gondolas they are putting in will be great for the resort hotels and both EPCOT & DHS, but hopefully that's gonna prove something and do it elsewhere, and OMG people are already freaking out that they are gonna burst into flames in the Aligator Swamp Snack boxes, oh its crazy how people think some crazy stuff up that's gonna happen especially since the gondolas are not going to be air conditioned, but vented windows. I just want them to fix the monorail system up its getting way out of hand, and I hope they not just waiting around for someone to get badly injured or worse with the monorails.
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The monorails are ancient because they are expense to maintain/build/replace, etc. Any significant changes are extremely unlikely.
Not sure if it is just a rumor, but an insider of WDW, has said they are investing in new monorail trains. But hopefully works well and they do it before the 50th. Would be nice before Star Wars Galaxy Edge, they have the Disney SkyLiner opening they say fall for them to be up, I have heard early as April. I hope they at least fix the monorail pillars, like I said earlier they are a mess. So, looks like the little pixie dust bean counters are gonna do something. But of course just a rumor until they announce it. Besides WDW Resorts are is like RT 60 in the fall and winter nothing but construction, every where
Former Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr said in April 2018 that the Mark V generation monorail is in the work and will be rolled out eventually. The rumor is Disney is trying to have them ready for the 50th anniversary in order to prepare for the monumentous crowds expected.
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