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Apr 29, 2011
Six Flags America to Debut Bigger, Better, Wetter Wahoo River
New River Adventure Coming to Water Park in 2018

August 31, 2017 04:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

UPPER MARLBORO, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Six Flags America, The Nation’s Capital of Thrills, today announced that it will debut Wahoo River, an all-new action-packed river adventure, in its water park for the 2018 season.

“Six Flags is recognized for its unparalleled collection of the most innovative rides and attractions in the industry. Wahoo River boasts a myriad of unique water features and will be the new centerpiece of our water park,” said Park President Rick Howarth. “Every year we add new attractions, like this season’s Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride. With the new Wahoo River, our guests will have yet another amazing experience they can enjoy together as a family and one more great reason to visit Six Flags America.”

The park’s existing Castaway Creek will be completely removed and replaced with the Bigger, Better and Wetter Wahoo River. Park guests will be thrilled with major enhancements such as a faster current, immersive rockwork theming, huge waterfalls, and tons of interactive, splashing thrills around every turn.

Wahoo River will be 33% wider and over 40% longer than Castaway Creek. The new attraction will include significant upgrades such as a zero depth entry that will make it convenient for guests of all ages to slip into the cool water with inflatable tubes. Friends and family members will have a blast as they float along the river, encountering wall sprayers, aqua archways, tippy water cones and a new wave generator. The journey continues under graceful water arches spanning the entire width of the river—as guests find even more surprises behind the rock waterfall, through the leaky pipes and under the leaky bridge waterworks.

Wahoo River highlights include:

Up to 18 feet wide; 33% wider and 40% longer;
Seven different water action zones with sprays, geysers, waves, waterfalls, leaky pipes, aqua arches and bucket dumps;
A wave generator that pulses waves every few seconds propelling guests down the water channel;
Colorful buckets dropping gallons of refreshing water from above; and
Nearly 2,500 feet of new deck space with hundreds of deck chairs.
Wahoo River is scheduled to debut in spring 2018.
Every waterpark needs a bigger better lazy river! That actually sounds like a great addition to their waterpark. Not exactly what I was expecting for the upcoming season, but I believe it fits in line with how they alternate back and forth between wet and dry park additions.

I was dreading an announcement of an RMC'd version of ROAR, perhaps we can put that idea off indefinitely.
In what way is a lazy river with inner tubes "thrilling" or "action-packed?"

I'm not saying it is a bad upgrade. I just don't understand why Six Flags seems to believe that everything in their parks needs to be marketed as a thrill ride.
It doesn't show it in the video, so I might be getting confused here, but the promise of "a wave generator that pulses waves every few seconds propelling guests down the water channel" sounds like it might add some legitimate thrills to the attraction. I've seen videos of lazy rivers where massive waves rock through the river every five seconds or so, and the way it shuffles riders around looks to inject some serious action into the ride.

I don't know if that's actually what SFA is doing, but if this really is one of those crazy lazy river/wave pool hybrids, it should be a pretty sweet addition to an already surprisingly good water park.
Volcano Bay has one, and as I said it was a lot of fun. That said, I wouldn't call anything I can traverse on an inner tube "action-packed." It is entertaining and exciting, I guess?

To me, it just feels as if the marketers believe that every addition to any Six Flags parks has to be the Next Best Thrill Ride.
Parks that don't have good ones—sure. Ocean Breeze just added a lazy river a couple years ago.
Oh, my mistake. I thought this was another raft ride. I see the steps now.

Also Ocean Breeze is the best water park in the country!!
You should, but... dont take me too seriously. It is a great local water park, but it is not Water Country USA. I have a certain fondness for it from my childhood when it was Jungle Falls.

Was it you that set Hugh Mongous on fire back in the day? :p
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NOOOO. I Loved Hugh Mongous! He made me happy.

I was mad when that happened! It was always fun seeing him tower over the entrance every time we pulled up to the park. And the arson idiot who torched him was obsessed with and adored him! Say What?!
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I was mad when that happened! It was always fun seeing him tower over the entrance every time we pulled up to the park. And the arson idiot who torched him was obsessed with and adored him! Say What?!
Yup. The replacement isn't the same. If nothing else it does not have a custom swim suite made by 17th street surf shop.
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This is a really excellent lazy river, but when I went a couple weeks ago on a Friday it wasn't operating. I assume due to lack of staff/life guards, but I don't know. The guard or whatever who was at the entrance only said it wasn't going to open, nothing more. In fact also not operating that day was the wave pool. The life guard there claimed it was due to needing to treat the water, but we wondered if it really wasn't a not enough life guards issue. But who knows. It was disappointing for me, and even more so for my sister who went solely for these two things (she doesn't enjoy slides). Has anyone seen the lazy river operating recently? Is it running on the weekends at least? We want to try again, but I'll take crowds if the weekend is the only option. They did have most of the slides open. The Tornado was awesome, but I hate having to roll that huge raft up the steps. The other ones we rode were good too. But, damn, no lazy river or wave pool is a travesty on a hot day.
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