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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
I submitted a wish to the park asking if I could talk to the higher management of the park and ask them questions like what do you see for the future of the park, where do you get ideas, and just ask them questions in general. The park thought it was a reasonable wish so I made it into the finalist round of the BGWishmas contest. Now my wish could come true only if you vote for me. The link is . This would really mean a lot to me since I have so many questions that the park could answer. Voting is Today through December 5th and you can vote once a day. I've wanted to do something like this for quite some time so if you have the chance please vote and I hope your having a splendid times on the forums this holiday season!
That would be very nice to see it happen. I think you would also be fulfilling most of our dreams as fans of the park. I wish you luck!
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I know, I still can't get over the fact that I have a chance of actually meeting the people who make the park what it is. I probably won't record anything but I'll tell you guys everything I can. Now all I have to do is win! :p
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I voted for you. *prepares list of questions* Actually you probably don't need to win this. Carl is very easy to talk to. I run up to him all the time and take pictures of him. I'm sure he's sick of me.


Scott too:
That is true. Sometimes it's just difficult to find them at a good time. Be careful about how you to certain people, they can even take a compliment as an insult. Be sensitive to what they might not be allowed to talk about. Other than that, I have found most executives to be very friendly. If they won't say much to you and they have nothing else to do, it's probably because they were told not to talk to anyone. You may notice that some have at least one public relations representative with them at all times. For example Larry Giles, the V.P. of engineering, is hardly able to be seen in the park without a team of PR/marketing people breathing down his neck. That is due to all the pressure that comes with his job. Tis the secret of the trade.
Why thank you everybody for the support and tips! Currently I'm in 6th place and tied with 14 votes. The park selects five people with the highest votes so I actually have a shot at this. You can vote once every 24 hours. I did realize the higher up employees roam the park a lot during HOS as I saw Carl multiple times but he was always followed by his entourage. You guys can put some questions here but I won't read anything negative. I'm doing great thanks to you guys and now we have a shot at winning!
EDIT: I'm in 8th place with 15 votes and the link is .
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I really hope you get it, Connor! I've had the same wish for n amount of years, and I'm glad to see it may come true for you!! I'll keep voting for you!
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Why hello everybody! I think everybody who voted for me but, voting isn't over yet! You can still vote today so I still have a chance. I'm currently in 7th place so every vote will help me get closer to my goal. Thanks for the support and keep your fingers crossed! Remember to share with your friends!
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Party Rocker said:
I hadn't seen any announcing of winners or anything, have they done so already?
Well PR, they did today! Congratulations to all the winners! Reading over there stories they deserved there wishes far more than me. But, it isn't the end of the world. According to Luke and CastleOSullivan it isn't that hard to find management willing to talk around the park. I thank everyone who voted for me and have a happy holidays!
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