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Jul 31, 2012
Hello! I will be visitng BGW on Friday 8/24 for the first time in about 6 years and cannot wait. What types of crowds can we expect for it being a Friday? We are hoping that since it is the end of August that a lot of schools may be back in session. Any tips?
there usually arent too big crowds on friday but it depends on what the weathers like, if you like coasters get to lochness monster first before 10 and you can walk right on and then go to appolos chariot and you can ride 10+ times without waiting
Based upon my experiences over the course of this and last summer, Fridays are an excellent day to go. The crowds tend to be lighter. We typically don't get there until 5/6pm and at that time, most rides are walk-ons. The crowds on that day may be even lighter than normal, since Illuminights will be finished for the season. Just be aware that many of the school systems in Virginia don't start till after Labor Day.
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