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Nov 1, 2012
LA Times has another Cedar Fair article focusing on the 2 video game based attractions going into Carowinds and California's Great America this year. It goes into some more detail about the companies who are working with Cedar Fair to create "Plants vs. Zombies" and "Mass Effect" attractions at Carowinds and CGA respectively.

Course, we had more info on what the Carowinds version would be like, based on the description and concept art. The description for the "Mass Effect" attraction was somewhat vague. This article goes into a little more detail for CGA's attraction. Both attractions are based on Electronic Arts video games.

To be honest, I am more intrigued by the "Mass Effect" version at California's Great America. This attraction will have motion seats for visitors and they interact with a live actor and some props. The rest of the experience is from viewing a "4-D holographic experience". The company that is creating the attraction, 3D Live Events, is new to the theme park industry. They have done more work with concerts and special events. They use 3D LED screens to produce images that give the effect of a holographic experience.

In the article, it is stated that the other Cedar Fair Parks, with the Action Theaters, have a high possibility of seeing a similar attraction in the near future. That means Kings Dominion, Kings Island, and Canada's Wonderland.

Anyway, here is the LA Times article link.

LA Times Article

And here is the link for the 3D Live company working with EA games and Cedar Fair on CGA's "Mass Effect" attraction. Pretty cool stuff.

3D Live Events Company Web Site
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