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Elevated Seating Coaster w/ Vertical Drop Element

Oktoberfest (Germany)

Official Opening
May 18, 2012

Soft Opening
May 11, 2012

Tallest Drop

Top Speed

Inversion Count

Launch Segments

Riders Per Train

Number of Trains

Height Requirement

Verbolten is an indoor/outdoor ZIERER Elevated Seating Coaster that features a Vertical Drop Element. It officially opened in mid-May 2012 on the site formally occupied by the Arrow Suspended Coaster, Big Bad Wolf.


Development Documentary​

Ride Recordings​

On-Ride Videos​

Backstage Footage​

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A quote from the Wiki: "Things go wrong when you make a wrong turn and enter the mysterious Black Forest."

But you don't enter the Black Forest. You enter a large green metal warehouse. BG spent $54 million and they couldn't drop down a few hundred more to paint a black forest facade on the sides of the warehouse? Heck, they could have re-used some of the building facades from the BBW to mask the warehouse. It ruins the illusion when we get launched into a square slot on the side of a building. They did such a great job with the queue and the loading station. The attention to detail is amazing, but it's all lost as soon as you start down the serpentine to the launch point. After riding Verbolten all summer, I've come to realize it's just a poor man's Rock'n'Rollercoaster.
You don't really notice the warehouse unless you're in line for the bumper cars. On the ride, you pass into the tunnel too fast to notice there's a warehouse behind it, plus you're facing away from it during the second launch.

Yeah I do think they should've painted the outside, but I don't think it matters. Most people think its a tunnel or a cave anyway.
My only problem with the ride is the bridge facade. I think it should've been bigger. Everything else is very immersive and the event building stands out among other rides outside orlando. 4.8/5
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I think they should've built the bridge to support that section of track, or at least made it so you couldn't see the supports...
I wish the bridge metal frame and the wooden roof were the same color -_-. But yes it looks terrible seeing the green supports holding the track.
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The theming and actual ride itself are 2 total different things on this ride. When the park designed it they wanted theming to have nothing to do with the actual ride. The bridge is 2 different systems of supports as well as the entryway. This Is so if you have any type of issue with one it does not effect the other.
Because they would shut the ride down just for a $30 tour... or you could do what I did, go on a very bad weather day, and when you go in the building, you may get lucky and have the ride shutdown for weather, then ask the tour guide to turn the lights on... it is really neat with it's lights on... they still would not let me take any pics though :(
The first entry in this thread is a WikiPost. As such, it can be edited by anyone with the appropriate permissions.
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