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I did this a month ago... I would look at the weather to determine the time... It is supposed to last 45 minutes, but it can easily go over a little bit

What time are you going? I have a friend that is doing that today as well

Just looked at the weather... 1pm will be the best bet today
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That is the same time my friend went... He said he made a comment about the site and got a gulp out of the other guest on the tour... He pretty much knew you were from here... He did like the tour though and wanted to say that he is going to put those off-ride videos in one video and put them on youtube... I will post a link when he does... He expects it up tonight
Sweet! Yea I just laughed cuz the tour guide didn't know what to say. I honestly didn't think it was worth the money. I wish I saw more of the building! But besides that it was pretty sweet!
I think if they let us walk up the towers (like on the blocks in the building and the bridge) it would have been better... there is nothing like being inches away from a roaring coaster... I think if it was $20 (which is what employees pay) for everyone it would be more popular... but if you think about it this way, $10 is for the front of the line pass and $20 is for everything else
Not sure if this is a mistake or not, but it looks like they are dropping the price of the V-Bolt Tour... $15 for non pass-members and $13.50 for pass members... Sound too good to be true? Click Here
I will be doing the tour either way if they have it cheaper or not. I will just see how it goes when my time to head to the park comes around. Hopefully there is others on the tour so that I won't be alone :p
I went on this tour last weekend and for $13.50 (after passholder discount) I thought it was great. I'm the kind of person who always wants to go to the areas of building that they won't allow you in, i.e. what is in that building behind the Royal Palace Theater...what does the backstage at Abbey Stone look like---is it downstairs? Okay, that's a major digression, but this tour satisfied my desire to see forbidden...or should I say 'verboten' areas.

In any case we got to go in the control booth which was really cool to see the ride cameras and see how they operate. And, I asked the ever popular headlight question and the operator said that they only turn them on after dark if they remember to do it and it is dark enough for a sufficient time (in their opinion)to warrant the extra power draw. My tour guide said he'd never heard a headlight question before so a ride operator answered that question. He also said that he *thinks* they are working now. He also said that the old rear-view mirrors were $300 and kept getting knocked off so they sanded the places where they were down and decided to get rid of them. (I think this has already been reported.)

I was very satisfied at our trip within the ride building where we got to view the coaster on a lower level and walked up an adjacent staircase in total darkness to view the ride from a higher level and different perspective. We literally had to hold the stair handrail while putting out a hand to ensure we didn't crash into the person in front of us since they didn't have a flashlight.

Remember to bring a camera since they are happy to photograph you outside in front of the second 'blast' area and are perfectly willing to wait until a coaster is in the frame with you. They are likewise willing to photograph you with the large drop in the background.

I won't reveal any of the 'secrets' or facts about the ride because I'm sure most people interested in the tour want to experience it for themselves. Getting to ride Verbolten without waiting was just icing on the cake.

Currently, tours are held Saturdays at noon. Meet at 11:45 in front of Beste Brezeln und Bier (the pretzel shop in Germany.)
I went on the tour last year... It was really cool... The only thing that I would change is if they would let us see that vertical drop in action... I hear from my sources that you can stand right underneath it... Will probably go again since it is cheaper now
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