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Jun 28, 2012

How big are the Verbolten seats? My body mass number (BMI) is 35. I am six feet tall, 263 pounds with a 54 inch waist. There are several things I am planning to do at BGW but riding Verbolten was not one of them IF someone can tell me what the lowest BMI number is allowed in the seats.

For example, I don't think anyone under 48 inches tall can be on that ride. So, in the same situation, what is the highest BMI number that a person is allowed to have and can still ride Verbolten?

I think you're close, but those are the most forgiving restraints in the park. there's a test seat outside so as to not have to wait in line and perform the walk of shame. There's actually a test seat outside every coaster except for Loch Ness.
pandorazboxx said:
I think you're close, but those are the most forgiving restraints in the park. there's a test seat outside so as to not have to wait in line and perform the walk of shame. There's actually a test seat outside every coaster except for Loch Ness.

Oh ? Why did they exclude the Loch Ness since it's been there since 1975 or 1978 ?

Walk of shame ! I did that at Timber Tower at Dollywood. The ride administrator was not amused with me. However, for some reason I fit right into the Tennessee Tornado ride quite well.

I guess I will have to go to the Verbolten line and ask them to show me the "test chair".

Also, here's an idea for any BGW employee that looks at this website ... if you post numbers next to rides for the mininium (sp) height allowed on any given roller coaster or other ride, then, post the highest BMI number allowed for each ride.

BMI numbers ...


Since numbers are posted on the main BGW website for the height of the person allowed to ride on any given roller coaster such as 48 inches tall to be able to get on, then, also list the highest Body Mass Index (BMI) number for each ride.

In other words, my BMI number is 35, above obese but below morbidly obese. So, lets say I wanted to ride Verbolten. But then I see that 30 is the BMI number allowed on that roller coaster.

It will save me time from going to each ride and seeing if I can fit into the "test chair".

That time I save will be better used eating seven dollar turkey legs, five dollar corn dogs and guzzling down six dollar beers !

Thanks !
Height requirements are determined by the manufacturer, therefore the manufacturer is the one who would have to set tr BMI limit, which I'm pretty sure they just say whoever fits.
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The test seat is located next to the lockers. The light is a bit less sensitive than the actual seat on the train, so if you're right on the line where the red turns to green, you may not fit on the train. That being said, most people seem to fit fine.
RE: BMI numbers ...

Plus, BMI is not the best... I am obese in BMI, but my doctor says I am not much above normal in weight and height, so I just ignor it... But the test seat is a lot better than waiting through the line and then not being able to fit
I will also have to say BMI is not a great indicator. The minimums are set by the manufacturer which is fine. But really the easiest way is to test. For instance i can fit on alpengeist easily but I dont even try to fit on apollos chariot any more. I am not thin but it is how all your proportions work together. I am 6'6 and have a stomach but really my legs are where most of my mass is and therefore my mid thighs are a bit thicker which prohibits the restraint on apollos from going low enough. I never had a single issue on big bad wolf and the few times on griffon also no problems. Loch ness is just tight for anyone tall.

Point being BMI is not enough and i believe most medical professionals will start to argue the scale. I have seen men with much larger guts who are shorter fit on Apollo's Chariot simply because they have scrawnier legs. Same things can hold true for Verbolten.
I'm 6 foot and half the weight, but the restraints have quite a bit of give in them. You should be fine, but there's always the test seat outside the station if you're unsure.
BMI is useless in this situation. My BMI was 37 when I started dieting and I am 3" taller than you and had a 52" waist. A default chart now has me at 31.2 while another site where I input actual measurements lists my BMI at 28.5. The test seats are also useless as I fit in the apollo seat last year and could see green, but had to take the walk of shame after trying 3 seats on the actual coaster. I am 6'3" and was 290lb when I visited last year and was able to ride all but Apollo. This year I am optimistic that I will be able to ride everything after losing 50lbs of fat and 5" from my hips, waist and chest. I cant wait to secure my own buckles on Aplie rather than having a ride op push while I hold my breath and the other op locks me in:)
Test seats are usually pretty accurate and are exactly the same as on ride seats. The only difference I could think of is if the team member assisted you with the test seat said you could fit when you were borderline.
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