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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
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The following description is a work in progress:

The Veldt Monorail opened in May [1] or September [4] of 1966 and closed in 1999.[2]

Guests boarded and exited the ride at the station across from the Crown Colony House, where the Cheetah Hunt station is located today.

The original monorail trains were "boxy trains that used two propane fired, air cooled, aluminum Corvair engines per train to produce the AC power necessary for the electric motors." Those trains continued to provide park guests with views of the African plain and gardens until they were replaced in 1987/88 by six new sleek looking trains designed by Intamin. The line was electrified, and the air conditioned cars made the round trip in approximately 10 to 12 minutes. [3]

The monorail line was modified in 1996/97 when the Edge of Africa was added. The monorail closed in 1999, possible because of the cost of upkeep. [3]

Check out a video showing portions of the ride from 1994:
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