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I think you are thinking of the cross bow Dragon Slayer game, where you shot an actual crossbow into a target of a dragon. If you hit the painted heart on the dragon you won. Although, I would imagine the Jacob's Ladder and Log Roll would also have been dangerous for the accident prone. The games were hilarious though. I used to waste so much time watching people fall off the ladder backwards or slipping off the log roll and come crashing down in front of their girlfriends and buddies.

Eagles Nest was so much fun as a kid.. but I also remember kids slamming the punching bags in my face and kids jumping on my head in the ball pit. Eh~ I think people just didn't let that stuff bother them back in the 70's and 80's. If I got a boo-boo back then, my mom just said "suck-it-up," kissed me on the head, and turned me around to go right back playing. I think it was in the 90s that people started suing over everything; much like the lady saying the coffee was too hot at McDonald's. Thus: "Contents in beverage may be hot." Duh.
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