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I spy illusive boneyard pictures...

Wherever HOSBGWFAN got them, it's probably best not to say. ;) Regardless, very, very nice. Thanks for posting!
It has been a while since we've seen boneyard pictures. I like these ones because they really do show the condition these things are in. It is quiet sad to see that these are just left out in the elements, to basically rot away. They could have at least put them in storage containers. I really wish they took better care of these items, as they hold sentimental value to quiet a few people. Regardless if no one is supposed to see them ever again.
This is why the National Roller Coaster Museum was formed. Parks just leave the stuff out to rot away. Now they're given the opportunity to give a piece of the ride somewhere that will keep it clean and indoors.

When I went to the Exhibit at Dollywood, BBW and all the other rides were in such good condition.
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Thank you that will be all I will be posting! :)

I only contributed the photos I have out of sheer love and nostalgia I have for the park. I don't want to make waves or create problems. Thank you guys
Provided if the photos have been properly stripped of any traceable information and do not reveal ones job position or give away their identity of themselves or others, or released by other parties, would make the situation better for the source however posting them can be troublesome if one were to be traced.
Someone posted this link on the park's Facebook page. It is very nice and there are some great shots. What the heck happened to the RPT between 1979 and now? It used to have a roof/awning thing? Also some 2002 Imaginique photos are in there as well.,0,1245645.photogallery
Party Rocker said:
...What the heck happened to the RPT between 1979 and now? It used to have a roof/awning thing?,0,1245645.photogallery

At that time it was actually called the Three Musketeers Theatere. That theater used to have a moat
around the front of the stage. Since then it has been expanded, they renamed it "Royal Palace Theatre", and added many seats.
Just an interesting fact:In one of the original concept designs for that theater,
they actually wanted it to look like the inside of a castle village. That would've been so cool!
That's really neat Nora! I love the BGW Memories page, and hope to see it flourish over the years.
I have some vintage photos of the park, and was wondering if/how you would like me to share them for the "archives".
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Thanks! :) .. and sure, I welcome folks sharing their photos of the park. I have it where you can post photos on the page. I just copy them and mover them to the appropriate album- or you can message me on Facebook. I can't wait to see them. I'm sure the folks here would love to see them as well and I will make sure to share the link is shared here as well. I actually have a very large collection of photos and it will be a while before they are all uploaded. I just added a new one for the Musketeer's theater. It is another one of the "One-Ring" European circus..... wayyy back in the day.
Love the new photos! I am actually very interested to see if someone could up some more pictures of the Threadneedle Faire games because the few I have heard of sounded pretty cool. Wasn't there one that they had to remove for being too dangerous?
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