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and Team / Co
Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
I don't know if anyone noticed this yet, or frankly how many Forum members it would affect.  I wanted to highlight for everyone, however, that BGW has instituted new variable rates for preferred parking.

I honestly think this makes a lot of sense.  On very busy days, when the outer lots are being filled, the England and France Lots take on much more value to many guests.

As with the QQ prices, it may be a partial predictor for anticipated crowd levels.

In some ways, it also increases the value of the Platinum England Lot access, which is nice for those members.

I have included snips of the BGW purchase site, including the June pricing calendar, which I chose largely at random.



  • Preferred Parking 1.PNG
    Preferred Parking 1.PNG
    25.5 KB · Views: 17
  • Preferred Parking 2.PNG
    Preferred Parking 2.PNG
    32.8 KB · Views: 27
  • Preferred Parking 3.PNG
    Preferred Parking 3.PNG
    45.3 KB · Views: 39
  • Preferred Parking 4.PNG
    Preferred Parking 4.PNG
    124 KB · Views: 37
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