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Apr 29, 2011

I didn't see this coming but I really haven't kept up with this park.  This looked like an interesting ride.  It  would've turned only 4 years old last month.

Good Ole Vekoma!!! :/

Troubled Universal Studios Singapore ride Battlestar Galactica closes for good


The Battlestar Galactica, a star attraction at the Universal Studios Singapore theme park, is closed for good.

The sci-fi themed rollercoaster, which has been closed since July 2013, will be replaced by a new ride by the end of this year.

MyPaper reported that Resorts World Sentosa, which manages the theme park, said that the Battlestar is "unavailable as it undergoes an attraction review".

It was also reported that the new ride will follow a movie theme, and is expected to have new interiors and a fresh coat of paint, among other changes.

Touted as the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster, the “Battlestar Galactica” ride has been plagued by problems since the theme park opened in March 2010. The roller coaster was closed for over nine months, a week after it opened, due to technical problems. It re-opened in February 2011, but was soon shut down again after cracks were found in the seat-post supports of the coaster cars.
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They forgot to mention the part where one of the seats literally detached from the ride.

By the sounds of the article it seems more like they're rethemeing the ride and calling someone in to fix it completely.

EDIT: I'm saying the last line because I really don't believe what Yahoo is saying with "It will be completely replaced by the end of the year." It's not uncommon for a park to rebrand a ride slightly and advertise it as 'new.'
In an article it ( I don't remember which.) it CONFIRMED the ride would be revamped. My money is on Transformers unless they do something crazy and make it Despicable Me themed. I would actually want to see that because they could re-theme the area to Super Silly Fun Land.
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I can't see them revamping the dueling coaster into something that is not a little more adult oriented. This is assuming they don't tear it down.

I wouldn't be surprised if the area became the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and then the coaster could become Dragon Challenge.
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