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Jul 1, 2013
So, the fam officially decided yesterday that we're going to hit a couple of Cedar Fair parks this summer, so we decided to go all out and get some Platinum passes.   Our home park is Kings Dominion, but decided to take off doing KD last year.  So, we didn't have any passes last year.  

Last night, on my mobile phone, I decided to buy new passes (using the 6 month pay plan).   I was pleasantly surprised when the application process made it possible for me to upload photos for our passes to the site.   My assumption was that after this was all done, they could snail mail the passes.

However, at the end of the process, I end up with some bar codes and I assume I still have to physically go to the season pass office and have them scanned to get my passes.   In the pass, the season pass lines have been long and tiresome and wrangling 4 kids while waiting has been a hassle.   Does anybody know if the season pass process is essentially the same EVEN if we've uploaded our own photos for the passes?  Anyway for them to be mailed to us instead?   And if you do have to go to the Season Pass office in the front of the park... what is the value for KD for having people upload their photos rather than just doing it there?
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While I haven't tried uploading my photo, I would imagine it saves time, because they don't have too take everyone's picture there.

I personally, wouldn't want to wait for them to mail the passes to me. I don't have that much faith in their system.

I had to go to the pass office opening day, because I downgraded from Platinum to Gold and it didn't take very long. That said, I was there half an hour before the park opened.

As an aside, if you renew your pass, in theory, you can just keep using the same one and don't need to get a new card at all. It is supposed to work at the turnstiles automatically.
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