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Sep 29, 2009
Up On The HausTop’s stage looks very pretty with the show’s lighting and some of the extra embellishments that they added to it since last weekend. I haven’t seen the full show yet, but it looks like it’s similar to Busch Gardens Tampa’s Christmas From The Heart.
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What a garrish show. It's like they took every color in the rainbow, hired as many talented performers as they could find (probably underpaid them), stuck them all on stage at once, and then dressed them like a pride parade (not that there is anything wrong with pride parades). It's a brilliant metaphor for holiday excess, honestly.
There’s definitely a LOT of talent in this show this year.

Overall, it’s a improvement to Deck the Halls. It still has some over used songs, but the more contemporary music allows for better choreography.

The transitions between songs are rough and jerky. It feels like it comes to a complete stop each time.
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Even with all the cringy, pace-and-tone-interrupting changes to Deck over the years, I honestly can't imagine comparing Haustop to it. The shows honestly feel like a totally different tier from one another creatively in my opinion.

I still legitimately don't know who could have even just looked at the Haustop set list and thought, "yeah, this is fine." It's just so utterly thematically and conceptually directionless.
Years ago, Busch Gardens Tampa had a show called Christmas Celebration that started out as a Santa show all the way and ended with Go Tell It on the Mountain. They literally went from singing Frosty the Snowman to doing a Gloria-style finale in church robes. Both parts of the show were very good on their own, but the complete thematic switch in the last three minutes of the show was very jarring.

If the park could somehow explain the direction of the show (different aspects of Christmas) right at the start without sounding apologetic about it, maybe they could improve it a little bit. The finale is my favorite part of the show, even though it totally throws off any consistency. Visually, it’s the most impressive scene, and it also usually sounds the clearest out of any of the songs in the show. I think it would be a shame to lose that number, but something needs to be done about it to make it less like Christmas Celebration at BGT.
The cringeworthy transition of the show is when the vocalist says something like “now that the presents are unwrapped under the tree, let’s ho outside into a winter wonderland..”. Silence would be better.

This show has some issues but still better than what Cedar Far has to offer. They have Charlie Browns Christmas Spectacular. I feel SO sorry for those performers in that show with the awful character dialogue.

Then there is Cool Yule. Way to many vocalists taking turns doing high school choreography. At least Haustop has 6 vocalists and a team of dedicated choreographed dancers.
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Some Haustop pictures.


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This show has some issues but still better than what Cedar Far has to offer. They have Charlie Browns Christmas Spectacular. I feel SO sorry for those performers in that show with the awful character dialogue.
My daughter loves Charlie Browns Christmas Spectacular. Sat through it 3 times so far this year and didn't mind the dialogue much. Figure it's aimed at kids.
I definitely find it more enjoyable than the Haustop show,
I've only seen this show once this year for take this for what it's worth. I walked into the Festhaus and immediately hated the stage. The platforms looks cheap, not necessarily in price, but in design for BGW. Are these leftovers from the first season of London Rocks? I know those terrible plastic lit microphone stands were from that show. I know this is harsh but IMO the stage is an abomination and hinders decent choreography. Having the female singers have to be helped up and down on the platforms is distracting. I assume it's because of the high heels they have to wear?

That being said, I think the singers and dancers are top notch for BGW.
Why oh why do they make the female singers wear wigs? The wigs are a mess. They are unmaintained, frizzy, and distracting. Last night one performer had a huge chunk of stray hair that just would not stay out of her face. It was distracting to me, so it must have been distraction to her, but she sang right through as if nothing was happening. They don't make the dancers wear wigs, why subject the singers to such torture?
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