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Curve Flattener.
Aug 3, 2017
Newport News, VA
A fun read (and video) of 5 never built Jurassic Park attractions -

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These sort of things are always interesting to me and I honestly think that these attractions would add so much more to an already amazing land, especially that Raptor Racers concept. I still want that along with Velocicoaster, lol.
Jurassic Park is one of my films, books, film franchises, and theme park areas, so I'm sad that some of these concepts never got built. It's great that JP at IoA is finally getting a coaster (rumored to be themed to Jurassic World), but for me nothing beats the gritty, scientific, somewhat industrialized feel of the original Jurassic Park. It makes the tension and danger feel all the more real and the feeling of wonder and awe all the more sensational.
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