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Sep 23, 2009
Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
Journey deep into the core of the Pompeii Ruins building. Smell the delicious creations at the Festhaus Bakery. Explore a coaster maintenance area. Learn the history of the beautiful Italy Gardens. Experience DarKastle in a new light. Plus: You'll be given priority access to ride Loch Ness Monster, Curse of DarKastle and Escape from Pompeii. Conclude your exciting experience with unique reserved seating at our exciting Irish dance show, Celtic Fyre.
Your tour includes:
- A behind-the-scenes tour of Curse of DarKastle and Escape from Pompeii
- A tour of the in-house bakery
- A landscape tour of the Italy Gardens
- An up-close look at the Loch Ness Monster maintenance area
- Reserved seating at the Abbey Stone Theatre for Celtic Fyre
- Guided tour of the park including priority access to Loch Ness Monster, Curse of DarKastle and Escape from Pompeii
- Discounted lunch at one of our world-class restaurants

Price: $80
Link: Here

I actually prefer this tour over the Coaster Insider tour. With that said, they're both well worth your time and money though.

Also, you can find Nora's review here.
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RE: Ultimate Busch Gardens Insider Tour

Have a question that I hope someone can answer. I have a medical issue and can't ride some of the coasters including loch ness is it possible to go on the tour and not ride some of the rides. To be clear it looks fascinating and I would not mind sitting waiting while the group rode just trying to find out if that is possible?
RE: Ultimate Busch Gardens Insider Tour

Nah, they won't force you to ride. It is worth mentioning though that the tour involves a ton of walking including some very steep stairs in Pompeii so be prepared for that.
RE: Ultimate Busch Gardens Insider Tour

I'm am sure they will let you sit out from riding the ride(s). They are not allowed to force you to do something that you are not capable of doing. Especially if you're are not medically capable of doing so. Just make sure you let the tour guide know that it is for medical reasons so they don't end up pulling the "oh come on, it's not that bad" type thing. You can also check in with them when you go to purchase the tour. And if you're are still uncertain, then you can shoot guest services and email or phone call.

Welcome to the forums by the way!
RE: Ultimate Busch Gardens Insider Tour

Thanks for the info that is what I figures. Walking is no issue I just have an inner ear issue that leads to really bad vertigo and migraines on rides that go upside down so only a few that are really issues.
RE: Ultimate Busch Gardens Insider Tour

Ah, ok. Well then, enjoy the tour- it really is absolutely fantastic!
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