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Apr 29, 2011
Just saw a commercial on WAVY TV-10.

They will be featuring a segment called "Behind The Scenes at Busch Gardens" tomorrow at 11 a.m. EDT on the Hampton Roads Show.
pandorazboxx said:
working. Don't they put up videos after? And seriously 11am? That's all Price is Right.

They usually put segments online so hopefully they will post this one.
What channel does it come on Direct TV? I'll watch it and keep yall updated if you want.
Just turned it on and got a glimpse of the segment.

They showed a maintenance guy working on the wheel assemblies on one of Alpengeist''s trains.
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Youhow2 said:
Yeah, doesnt really look like anything to do with verbolten.

Well they non-specifically said it was a "Behind The Scenes" look at the park. They could be showing anything from the food preparation to the animals.
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Well that wasn't very exciting.

What killed it for me was the damn elevator music they were playing throughout the segment!
I didn't expect it to be anything mindblowing. It was still a great look behind the scenes for the general audience of the show.
The segment is now online...

They screwed in two screws. They actually sent a reporter to Williamsburg to screw in two screws. Two screws. Talk about quality reporting...
Well, it is the Hampton Roads show that focuses on entertainment/local stuff. Plus that is not professional reporter, he won their yearly contest for face of Fox....
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Well, it looks like they had another news crew go in as well to do the same thing... Chris, if you were bored the first time, I'm warn you that this one is worse... And Swift, they sent this person out to do less! (And then time warp it! Yippie!)
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