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Turvey Manor was once a really elaborate fun house. It lasted until the 1980s. In it was a very elaborate mirror maze along with various other rooms such as a strobe room, a moving room, a shifting staircase, a coffin room and others.

Nora said:
Turvey Manor was in the location Grogan's Pub is now.

mwhinva said:
Nora said:
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the area had a "fun house" type attraction that was rather trippy. It had mirrors and weird mushrooms and was completely appropriate 70's man; can ya dig it?

However it did not last long and Turvey Manor became an Arcade for many years. Briefly a recording studio was added beside the arcade (where starbucks cofe - Annie's cafe is now) Grogan's is pretty much part of the Arcade building. Questar was built around the standing building, then King Arthur's Challenge, then Corkscrew Hill, then Europe in the Air and now - da da duh.....!!! Nothing.

Nora is correct concerning the history of Turvey Manor Fun House. The ride queue, pre-show/loading areas, and simulator ride rooms for Questor, and the other later iterations of the motion simulator, were additions built behind the building that was formerly Turvey Manor | Arcade/Recording studios and the restrooms. Turvey Manor only lasted for 5-6 years and was replaced by the Arcade by the 1981 or 1982 season.
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Mentioned in a souvenir book posted by pianojohn at theme park review

Official Souvenir Book - Busch Gardens The Old Country 1984 - p13



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I recently found an old advertisement for the now defunct Busch Gardens Los Angeles. I was surprised to find out that they also had a Funhouse called Turvey Manor. Now if you look at the sign, you will see that even the sign is the same as the one in Williamsburg was.


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