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Sep 29, 2009
With Iceploration gone, the new show is "Turn It Up!." Turn It Up is a new ice show with a pop music playlist.

I thought they were just going to re-use the old projector system from Iceploration. Instead, they are using a unique LED screen setup where the giant back screen has three horizontal partitions that move. In addition to all of this they have very minimal scenery, mostly consisting of awesome looking moving LED panels.

My opinion before actually seeing the show is that I am not surprised that it's another ice show. Ice shows are typically a fraction of what a lavish Broadway show like Katonga costs ($4-6 million). Although I don't expect much scenery, as I haven't heard of any, I'm a bit shocked with the new screens. While I doubt it was $4-6 million, I thought they would try harder to cut costs since this is not an original score-type show. Let's face it, SeaWorld is making massive slices to main-stage entertainment, and it shows, but wow.

My only remaining concern is that they may have a few complaints of a risque nature. The women in particular have some... interesting costumes, and I have even heard rumors of bikinis. This should definitely be interesting, but hopefully not in the bad way that some of us almost expect by now. I can't wait to see it.

Edit: Oh, and here is an official preview which should give a good idea of the setup.
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