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Apr 9, 2013
I leave tomorrow to go to Abu Dhabi which is in the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates.

I fully plan on taking LOTS of pics (praying my camera still works, that is) and giving a full trip report on the experience of going on the world's fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa!! 0-160 mph in 4 seconds?? That's crazy!! I can't WAIT!!

This is gonna make Verbolten & Apollo's Chariot look like child's play....Stay tuned, ya'll. I might even post some pics from my experience on Emirates airlines Business class. :) Hey, I didn't pay for this trip!! Might as well take advantage of all it has while I have some time off while there...hence the trip to Ferrari World.

Au revoir, amigos. I'll be posting in, even when on the plane because it has WiFi. Love Emirates airlines....They kick the SNOT out of any American airline anytime.

Wow! Have fun! I would call ahead to make sure there isn't any scheduled maintenance going on just to make sure.

Not like it will make much of a difference since you are already leaving :p But you will have already known ahead of time at the very least.
Yeah no maintenance issues from what I was told when I called there yesterday. No scheduled maintenance anyways.... *Fingers crossed*
0-149 in 4 seconds, it also gets trimmed down to 85 mph right after the launch. Sorry to play killjoy but those facts don't fly in my court.
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FYI, in case anyone else ever gets to go, the current admission is 235 AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams), which is about $64 USD.

You can check out what it's all about at It's in English, btw. An entire theme park, all indoors except for the roller coasters, that is. :) Should be fun! About to get on the plane. Typing this from New York at the Emirates lounge. WOW is this lounge NICE! Free food (GOOD stuff, not just pretzels & soft drinks)....This outta be fun.
Btw, hello from 38,000 feet somewhere over the Atlantic!! I'm actually sitting in the bar/lounge on the Emirates A380 plane typing this. Plane comes with onboard internet access. Pretty bad ass actually! Already slightly buzzed from all the champagne they're feeding me. Shouldn't have told them "If you see the glass empty, fill it." haha

Found out that one of the attractions will in fact be closed while I'm at Ferrari World in about 2 days, but Formula Rossa WILL be operational. Expect a nice video I'll post on YouTube the following day. And yes, I do understand the ride does lose speed after the climb, but find me another coaster that launches you to a top speed of over 240/km/hr...

Time for lunch...and some more champagne. :)
Yeah, the bar area is small, but it'll accommodate about 12 people or so. They leave out nice little nibbles to eat along the sides and of course, they serve Hennessey XO & Maker's Mark. Jack Daniels also, if that's your thing. Having the bartender make me a Manhattan right now. (Got a feeling I'm gonna be the plane's resident lush in about 2 hours...haha)

There's also 2 showers on board if you're a 1st class passenger. Alas, I'm merely a humble business class one, so no shower at 40,000 feet for me. (BOOOOOO!!)
13:00 EST
Being served the main course for lunch now. Beef teriyaki kebabs w/grilled vegetables and potatoes au-gratin. Nice glass of sake to go with it.

This airline absolutely beats the SNOT out of any American airline out there....I went down to the lower deck to see what they're serving in economy class...Shoot, even THEIR meals look better than those in first class do on Delta or United...
Btw, my flight is actually to Dubai, not Abu Dhabi...AD is about 40 miles away from Dubai. I will do my best to upload some pics of the plane flight. And don't judge, but I might be spending most of that time smoking my head off after this long flight. Nicotine patches don't help much & they don't let you use e-cigs on planes, even though they're not real cigarettes. Go figure.
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Finished with the lunch service, including cheeses that, forgive me, but were 10x better than the cheese samplers I tried at the BGW F&W festy. :/

Due to be in Dubai at 7:30am local time, so that'd be, um....around 11:30pm Eastern I think. Just going to relax & watch a movie. I can never sleep on a plane, and with a ride like this, why would you want to? Unlimited food, drinks & may I say, VERY attractive looking flight attendants. They certainly don't hire women of THIS caliber on United. LOL

Oh, in case anyone has not seen what the Formula Rossa coaster looks like from the front seat, here's a cool video of it. It's the two Formula One drivers for Ferrari taking a ride....Just watch their faces as the ride takes off.
15:15 EST:
I decided to ask if they could bring me a snack, anything would do. Lo & behold, within 3 minutes, they brought me a menu that I didn't receive when we left. Dinner isn't for another 2 hours, so now I've got in front of me some Thai-style fishcakes, marinated olives (much like the Tapas ones at the F&W festy), a veggie spring roll & I think those are cheese straws on the side. Not bad for a snack, dontchathink? :) GOD I love this airline....
17:24 EST:
They're taking orders for dinner.
Here's my choices for main entree. Any votes?
1) Herb Roasted chicken w/Pommery mustard sauce & sauteed veggies
2) Lamb curry w/white rice & mushroom sauce reduction
3) Mushroom Ravioli w/mushroom sauce & cherry tomatoes w/shaved parmesan cheese.

There were others, but I thought those were the 3 most appetizing sounding. It's dark outside now. They've dimmed the lighting some & now the ceiling on the plane looks like stars overhead. VERY nicely done. I'm somewhere over Eastern Europe now, I think. I haven't checked the in-flight map.
Already done. :) Taking pictures of everything. The stewardesses must think I'm crazy. Hahaha! Typical American. But hey, one of them is French & when I started speaking to her in French, my my my, did I get a lot more attention than the other passengers. lol
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Finished my lamb w/curry & mushroom sauce dinner and all the after-dinner treats they had on the menu. Damn, I'm stuffed. I actually turned down dessert, but asked if I could have it later, which I can. 5 hours to go. Might have some snacks in a few hours. Right now I'm too busy watching Family Guy on the TV. :) I might head back to the bar again & have them make me a champagne cocktail. Why there aren't any American airlines that offer this kind of service, I have ZERO idea. THIS is the way to fly for sure.
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LOL...Me too! Emirates Airlines is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. I don't know how they do it! As expected, I'm back at the bar area again. Nice canapes & chicken satay skewers back here to go with my Hennessey XO I'm currently sipping on. Most everyone is asleep, but as I said, I can't sleep on a plane. The bartender is from Austria...Showed him pics from the F&W festy...He laughed & had to apologize for laughing. I kind of get the feeling he was mocking us Americans, but trying his best to contain his laughter at the sight of the food. LOL
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