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Feb 23, 2012
Well, it's been a while since I have made a post on the site, mainly due to the planning and taking of this awesome Six Flags trip. It was absolutely fantastic. And though we had a little bump in the road (one of our group members got the wrong end of the insane heat), the trip was truly one of the best, if not the best, trip I have ever taken to an amusement park.

So, armed with a gold flash pass and a thirst for some thrills (and water), we ventured into the gates. While one of us got the pass hooked up, we rode our first ride of the day (all of my ratings are on a scale of 1-10).

Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train-4
Congratulations to whoever made this ride for making the longest coaster train I have ever seen. Not joking, the capacity for this ride was 48 people for a KIDDIE RIDE. 24 rows! I rode in the back seat, and I won't lie, this ride was pretty fun. It had quick turns and was fast and even a bit forceful. Sorry Grover, the throne has been taken for best kiddie roller coaster. Plus we went twice in one run so it was just a good way to get the fun started. But sadly, I give it a 4 since, after all, it is meant for the little ones. :p

Skull Mountain-5.5
Because it was right next to the latter, we did this next. I was actually kind of looking forward to this ride since I really did not know anything about it. We did the flash pass line and ended up somewhere in the middle of the train. A few maniacal laughs and a bit of tribal music later and we were off into the unknown. I truly had no idea what the heck this was. One moment, they've got rock music playing in the speakers during the ride. The next, a tribal dude is jumping out at me. And finally, I've got pumpkins flying by my head. I mean, it was like Six Flags was just playing RCT3 and putting random crap everywhere. The ride itself was pretty good and exciting, but the theming was horrendous, putting this one at a 5.5. Pretty spooky, though.

Batman: The Ride-7.5
Alpengeist, meet your worst enemy. Yes, he's shorter and yes he's slower. But boy is he one twisted and quick sucker. The theming was actually, well, pretty good. The Batmobile and Batcave were well done. Sure the paint job was a bit rough, but those seats rival Alpengeist's. Big time. But now it was the ultimate test. And it passed. Though it may not seem so, Batman feels faster than Alpengeist. Maybe it's just me, but this ride possessed a certain aggression and acceleration that Alpengeist just doesn't seem to have. It was smoother than Alpie, and the loops and 360's matched the Cobra Roll and Immelman. It was, in my opinion, a great ride.

The Dark Knight Coaster-n/a
From the looks of it, maybe it was good we skipped this one. After the pre-show (which was loud and kind of obnoxious), about halfway through the queue, one of our members got sick and we had to evacuate the line and skip this one. It was possibly a good call since I had heard about this through mixed reviews.

Wow. Just wow. Apollo, time to meet your worst enemy. The lift looks more than just big. It looks huge. Those seats were just as comfortable as Apollo's. Front seat, arms up, legs out the whole time. It was a great view from the top, but what an awesome first drop. It beats Apollo's by a hair. The hammerhead turn was astounding. The hills were great. I admit, I did black out on the helix, but it was only for a quick second then it was right back to being okay. What a great ride. I loved it for its initial drop, unrelenting intensity, and that sweet hammerhead. Does it edge out Apollo? Sorry, but yes, it does. So much speed, so much adrenaline, I really wish I had ridden this twice, but one ride will have to suffice for the memories. This ride got me PUMPED.

Superman: Ultimate Flight-8
This was my first flyer and may I say, I was actually pretty impressed. I rode front seat, and actually felt a lot of freedom despite the crazy but necessary amount of restraints used for the ride. Since I had heard the loading and capacity for the ride was terrible (which it is), we used the Flash Pass line. It was a great decision. The line built up to almost an hour wait from a 30 minute wait in a matter of minutes. On the actual riding part of things, I really enjoyed this one. The drop was good but man, that first loop. Holy mackerel, that thing was INTENSE. It had so much force, it took my breath away. The rest of the ride was pretty smooth and fun, but the main thing was definitely that loop. This was a great ride with a great inversion, putting this one at a solid 8.

I actually feel kind of bad for this ride considering it is literally all the way in the back corner of the park hidden in the Frontier part of the park. It felt very Congo-esque (if you have been to Kings Dominion you know what I’m talking about) to see this villain from outer space in an area themed after The Wild West, but then again this is Six Flags, so I guess you can’t blame them for bad theming. Anyways, this ride really had nothing special about its layout. Just a regular old floorless coaster that was pretty smooth and fast, giving it a 6 maybe. Why does it have a 7? The effects. I was really impressed by this coasters theming, even if it seemed a bit out of place in Frontier Adventures. The audio worked perfectly for us (“The wheels on the bus” during the 360’s was hilarious) and the fire, near-misses, and fog machines were fantastic touches. I really liked this coaster’s sense of humor, putting it at a 7. But it paled in comparison to the next two.

El Toro-10
Yes my friends we have found it. The perfect coaster. There really is nothing wrong with this ride. So fast, so big, so twisty. My friend and I had a fit on this ride. Hands down, best ride I have ever ridden. The airtime on this ride is just plain massive. I have never ridden anything that compares to it. The curves at the end feel like I305 on wood. This ride has changed the way I look at coasters. You would think the ride is in fast forward. It is just an old-fashioned, rock- em’ sock-em, rip-snortin’ good time. El Toro rules.

Kingda Ka-9.5
Wow this is fast…in more ways than one. I swear this ride lasts 15 seconds. I really wish it had some overbanked turns or something. Ah well, guess I gotta deal with what it gave me, and well, what it gave me was an insane, in-your-face, ultimate thrill experience that I will never forget. The wind on this thing literally screams in your ears due to the fact that the darn thing goes 128 mph in 3.5 seconds! I truly believe the most thrilling part of the ride is not the peak of that humongous hill, but the launch. Then again, it really is amazing to look over the top of that pinnacle and see the parking lot 456 feet below you. That’s almost as nuts as the previous statement. We got so high up, my ears actually popped going over the top. I have never, ever ridden a thrill ride like that. Kingda Ka, you are a different animal that thrills beyond measure, giving you a 9.5

Green Lantern-4.5
This ride is terrible. Seriously, does anyone else agree stand-ups are really overrated? It was extremely bumpy, I blacked out twice, and the effects broke down in the middle of the ride. I hated this ride. Although, I will say it was a really cool sight as it is literally in the parking lot. But besides that, this ride is no better than Shockwave at Kings Dominion (once again, if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about).

Overall, I really enjoyed Six Flags. The atmosphere is great, the thrills are incredible, and it was really a fantastic time. I will definitely be back.
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Indiana Beach Vibe
May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
RE: Jackelope's 2012 Six Flags Great Adventure Trip Report

Can't believe you spent the money on a flash pass, let alone a gold one. If the park was packed to the brim I can kind of understand it, but there's really no need to waste money on them. It's my home park and even on the worst of days the longest line is usually 45 minutes to an hour (not counting Superman or Green Lantern).

Blackbeard's seats 40 not 48, but either way it's a pretty disorienting outdoor coaster. The train has an interesting way of going up over the hills and turns and the trees and shrubs really screw with the sense of speed.

Skull Mountain is definitely one of the most fun family coasters I've been on, the new scenery on the inside is actually all the old stuff brought back (if you waited in line you would've gotten an idea of what was in store). I picture it as a miniature Rock n' Rollercoaster really.

Batman is a lot of fun for a rather small coaster. Surprised you liked the "themeing" because it used to be a hell of a lot more impressive before they added flash pass line. You don't believe me read this.

Dark Knight is an indoor MACK Wild Mouse with a hell of a lot of themeing. It's actually really impressive how much they jammed into that building.

Glad you enjoyed Nitro! Definitely a lot of fun for a hyper and definitely gets the edge out on Apollo's. Would love to get some more B&M Hyper creds to my list so I can at least see if this is the best one.

Supes is the only ride worth using the flash pass for, and after a couple of rides most people keep riding only for the pretzel loop. Really all it's good for lately is rounding people up and keeping them there.

Bizarro is probably the oddest coaster in the park in terms of themeing, it definitely would've helped if you sat through the line and looked at the comic images that would give you background on why the coaster appears that way. I'm very surprised you had the sfx work while you rode because in the 30 visits I've made since 2010 none of them have worked, not even the misters or the flamethrowers.

El Toro definitely is one of the best woodies out there. Is it perfect, not by a long shot. You really can get a good comparison of how good it is after riding other greats like Phoenix, Thunderhead and Voyage. It plays like a different animal compared to other wooden coasters.

Honestly I'm happy you enjoyed the launch and all, but what is in it besides the speed? The only hype I hear about this is the launch, which isn't even all that forceful compared to what it used to do. It's no where near the most intense launch and really all it's there for is record whoring.

Green Lantern is definitely a love / hate ride. Blacking out is a little surprising considering you didn't do it on Batman or El Toro. I don't know what you mean by effects, the only thing it has is the mister at the bottom of the first drop. I've ridden Shockwave and frankly I enjoyed it. Green Lantern is the best stand-up I've been on of three (Mantis, GL and Shockwave respectively), which isn't really saying much but compared to my experience with Mantis Green Lantern is like the lord and savior.
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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
Made a trip out here with a friend over the weekend thanks to Bring a Friend weekend.

Unfortunately with it being Bring a Friend weekend, it ended up being really crowded. Managed to get all my priority rides out of the way and got a few extra rides in during the time we spent at the park. Also had my 3DS screen crack thanks to an extra tight lapbar on El Toro. Not cool Six Flags, not cool. Phone also fell out of my pocket walking down the Nitro ramp. Its a little bent out of shape but Android devices are built like tanks so it still works even though the top part is completely split.

Dark Knight 2x - Fun dark ride, meh coaster. They should at least have a few scenes toward the end of the ride instead of moving around in complete darkness. 3/5

Batman 1x - Damn. This ride rocks my socks off. Tight elements make for a really intense ride. Made it into my top 10. 5/5

Nitro 2x - I've come to the realization that every B&M hyper is pretty much the same ride. Still fun but could use a little more. Also the midcourse brakes practically stopped the train so minimal air on the return run. 4.5/5

El Toro 2x - Holy shit. Took a little while to warm up but but it started in my top 10 and moved top 5 pretty quickly. 45 mins early on but went to 100 mins thanks to the slow ops in the station. 5/5

Safari Off Road - 120 min wait later in the day? Damn. Still a sweet ride nevertheless. Would've been nicer if the animals got close to the truck but it was cold out so everyone was out getting sun. 5/5

Kingda Ka 1x - The launch pretty much blows you away. The drop into the brakes has a nasty rattle but this ride is incredibly intense. Made it into my top 10. 5/5

Runaway Mine Train 2x - Fun as hell. Nice pop of air at the end of the ride. Also has a cool setting inside the fort and over the lake. One of the better classic Arrows I've ridden. 4/5

Houdini's Great Escape 1x - More parks should build cool rides like this. Well-themed, family friendly, cool elements. Imagine if BGW or Tampa got their hands on something like this. 5/5

I wish Joker was open. The ride looked pretty cool on the lakefront.

Skipped Bizarro thanks to the ride shutting down early and Sky Screamer thanks to the crazy crowds we had to deal with. Zumanjaro shut down the second we got on the ride. Maybe next time. Didn't really care for Skull Mountain, Superman, or Green Lantern so I skipped those out of choice.

Compared to SFA, Great Adventure is definitely the better of the two parks I've been to (and one of my favorite parks overall). Great ride selection, great location, great atmosphere. Crowds are definitely a problem, but that's what you get when you wanna save a bit of money. If I were to fix anything, Toro's operations were awful. Also half the park shut down early. Ka/Zumanjaro thanks to high wind gusts, Bizarro for technical issues, and the Safari because it closes early anyway.
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Fur Dozy

Mayor of Busch Gardens Tampillsburg
Nov 5, 2009
Green lantern is a great stand up coaster, at least for me at 6'1. I wouldn't blame them for the 3ds. They do that to the lap bar for safety. With all the ejector air, you should be glad there's no shoulder harness.


Never Sane to Begin With
Advisory Panel
Oct 24, 2009
New Orleans, LA
Nicole just loves the thought of something bigger and faster than Mantis (her personal favorite roller coaster).

Fur Dozy

Mayor of Busch Gardens Tampillsburg
Nov 5, 2009
It was very smooth and flowed well from my recollection.


Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
Didn't really have much time to do all the coasters thanks to the crowds. We would've stayed longer if there wasn't a 6 hour drive home to deal with.

GL just wasn't really a priority along with Superman. Plus those rides had 100 min waits all day.

Fur Dozy

Mayor of Busch Gardens Tampillsburg
Nov 5, 2009
eek, the time I went it rained for a few hours in the morning, walk on for all ride except for kingda the rest of the day. Sounds like I got super lucky from what I've heard about crowds.
May 17, 2012
I was there recently, and frankly, I wasn't blown away by much.  Kinga Ka didn't feel 100+ MPH to me, but I liked the ride anyway.  Bizarro is pretty good.  I did notice the big rides ran multiple trains, so that helped in terms of speeding the line up, but of course, you would finish the ride and wait a while to get off.  Harley Quinn's Crazy Train, it is so short that you go around twice.  The Dark Knight ride was garbage.

This park needs more signage. I know there is an app, and maps are spread throughout, but some rides were hard to find and that shouldn't have been the case.
Apr 5, 2011
I visited Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday. Here is my trip report in no particular order.

Kingda Ka - It’s tall, fast, and lacks any other substance. I did it once and have no desire to ride it again. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

El Toro - It’s...fine. It’s an intense wooden coaster that has some fun elements. I wouldn’t call it “amazing” by any standard. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

The Joker - This reminds me of Tempesto in that its pretty short, has terrible capacity, and doesn’t have any of the forces associated with coasters. I also don’t get why they call it a “4D” coaster when it only moves on two axes. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

Harley Quinn Crazy Train - This small Zerier is interesting because the length of the train. This allows for some interesting forces where you wouldn’t expect them. I’m not sure I would make an effort to ride every trip though. Rating: 10/10 Harley Quinn is the top Waifu.

Bizzaro- Pretty fun B&M, one of my favorite coasters of the trip. I also love the various bits of theming which looks like close calls. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

Houdini’s Great Escape- A neat little dark flat ride that probably doesn’t have any business in a Six Flags park. I’ve never been on anything like this before and was pretty disorientating until I figured out what was happening. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

Nitro- A great B&M Hyper that gets up there with Apollo. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

The Dark Knight Coaster- Can there be a rule that all Wild Mouse coasters are indoors? It was a pretty great attempt to do a properly themed ride (though a bit sloppy at times) and it was one of the highlights for me. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

Justice League- It’s always great to go on a shiny and new dark ride when all the effects are working.It’s a great interactive dark ride with a nice mix of practical effects mixed in with the projections. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

Batman the Ride- Not a terrible invert, but not really great given how small it is. Not that small coasters can’t be good, but small B&M inverts mean pacing is fucked up for my tastes. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

Skull Mountain- You might be able to tell from before but I love indoor coasters, so this scratched my itch pretty well. Fun zippy layout in the almost dark. The building does a shitty job keeping it dark and there are random lit up props just thrown in there with little thought. Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ

Unfortunately Runaway Mine Train was closed, which I was pretty disappointed about because I love mine train coasters. I also skipped Superman because I hate flying coasters and I skipped Green Lantern because I hate standing coasters.

The Safari was pretty cool. It’s probably the best way to see animals given a choice. I just wish they paced the trucks better because at one point the line didn’t move for about 20 minutes while we waited for trucks to come.

In general, the park was pretty on par with what I come to expect from a Six Flags. Kind of dirty, operations ranged from mediocre to terrible, and obnoxious ads everywhere. The ride collection isn’t terrible, but given how much the coaster community clamors about this park, I have to say that I’m kind of disappointed (thanks, nerds…).

I wouldn’t mind coming back again in the future, but I can not see myself making another trip for it. If pressed, I would have to say that my favorite coaster was Bizzaro.

Final Park Rating: 0/10 Located in NJ


ParkFans Founder
Silver Donor
Jun 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC
So wait... No matter if you liked the ride or not you gave it a 0 out of 10 because it was in NJ?

I've always considered El Toro pretty fantastic and it ties with Holiday World's The Voyage for my top wood coaster spot. Other than those two rides, I don't really rank coasters.
Jun 25, 2017
I always hear bad things about 6 flags parks. They all seem to have that one ride you have to go for. I always hear this one and Texas are the best. Also those two have multiple supposedly good coasters. Kind of sad to hear meh reviews. Also makes me glad BGW is my home park.
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