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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
I'll start by saying this is a hidden gem in southern Georgia. The coaster selection is lacking and its next to a swamp so there's gnats everywhere, but this park is incredible. Most enthusiasts would pass this place off as a credit stop but I seriously enjoyed the hell out of this place.

The park has a Vekoma Boomerang and SLC which run surprisingly well. I expected them to be terrible but Herschend knows how to take care of their Vekomas. They're not stellar but they're not horrid either.

The park's mouse runs brakeless at the top, which is nice but its trimmed on the bottom run. Not bad but every other park has one of these so ehh.

The Vekome Jr suspended was really fun and really smooth.

Cheetah is pretty much the park's best coaster. The airtime is stellar but you can tell the park is working on retracking the turns because its crazy smooth in some parts and crazy rough in others. Still if you can brace yourself its not as bad. Maybe if they could pull those G-trains off and add Millennium Flyers/Timberliners, it would be amazing.

The flat selection is pretty damn awesome. Only their Double Shot was on a poor cycle. Everything else runs crazy well on some intense cycles. I'd highly recommend their magic carpet at the front of the park which makes Da Vinci's Cradle look like a kiddie ride and the mini Frisbee by the double shot which gives air on each swing.

The water park was ok. Wave pool was lackluster but you could tell Herschend was still working on investing in it.

There's a walkthrough animal exhibit at the front of the park that goes through the natural swamp. It was crazy hot though so the animals were working on cooling off.

In the back of the park, there's a mini version of BGT's Serengeti. Not as elaborate as Serengeti, or as well themed as Kilimanjaro, or as big as Safari Off Road, but I thought it was awesome. Especially for something like a locals amusement park in middle of nowhere Georgia. Just hope Herschend puts more money in giving the animals more shade as they were all sitting in an open field in the hot Georgia sun.

Prices are damn reasonable too. $10 for a combo meal in the BBQ place, $14-$16 for T-shirts, etc. Can't really think of many corporate theme parks that have reasonable prices like that for their souvenirs. $12 for parking and $50 for admission isn't too bad either. I just wish the season passes included Dolly and SDC. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if they were.

Since its only 3 hours from Orlando we definitely plan on making this place an annual pilgrimage. Plus this is the only Herschend park that has a legit Halloween event so we might just check it out this fall if anything.

If you're ever passing through southern Georgia on I-75 and need a pit stop, I'd highly recommend this place to anyone.
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