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Nov 7, 2013
I have been trying to get this posted for a while, and finally getting it done. Excuse that I was nto able to get any pictures in, it seems I have to resize my pictures before they can get in a forum (ARGH....Word is so much easier)

Legoland had a special to honor veterans and active duty and let them in for free and their families for $40 each. I decided to take advantage of this offer. Being as I do not have a kid, I took my mom and was her kid for the trip. Now my mom was a big visiter of Cypress and was interested in seeing it after it's change.

This park is clearly as it is advertised. It is designed for the child 4-12. DO not get me wrong, though....adults will enjoy it, and can enjoy it much much more with a child.

Legoland kept the Island In The Sky from Cypress Gardens and it was a nice ride to remember the gardens from and kind of get an overview at how large this place is. Never seen anything quite like this and it is a must. Entrance is right at the entrance of the park

Fun Town is your real first look at Legoland, the double decker cauresel is a pleasure to look at and even ride. There is also a 4-d theater that has 3 different short movies playing through the day (the movie helped me learn all about Chima). Also, even though the food is kind of overpriced here, Granny's Apple Fires is a must to try if you never have had before. Well worth it.

Next is the expansion Land of Chima which has a ride there where you WILL GET WET. No place is really safe to stay dry around that ride, observer or rider. Just smile and let the kids have the fun (and adults too)

Lego Kingdoms was fun for me as a fantasy freak. All of the roller coasters are a step up from baby to the real thing. Adults will have some leg room issues riding, but they are fun. The Dragon has a nice ride through a castle before the coaster gets into action. Your child will also get a chance to joust (only ride here I would say adults probably cannot do). Merlins Challenge can get you dizzy and bumpy, but fun.

In the Land of Adventure, much to my dismay, Coastersaurus was closed for maintenance. The Safari Trek has some nice lego animals to view and just try to outscore your child in the Lost Kingdom Adventure (we only had an Atari 2600 to practice with). There is also a small drop tower for the kids too.

Now the most amazing part for me was Lego City. the kids can drive with traffic lights, stop signs, and have the chance to earn their Lego driver's license. Flying School is also there if you want another roller coaster experience. The whole family can compete against other families in Rescue Academy also, Bonding

Lego Technic has a lot of thrills with the Aquazone wave racers, Project X (another coaster), and Technicycle.

Finally, my mom got to end the day seeing another Cypress Gardens classic and the water ski show and seeing them do their pyramids on skis.

I am glad we waited last to see Miniland USA, now that is an jaw dropping WOW seeing lego verisons of Vegas, New York, San Francisco, and many parts of Florida. (And do not forget the Star Wars area also, you geeks like me)

Lego land is definitely for kids, but adults can enjoy it too. In fact, I saw many couples walking without a kid enjoying the park. I myself would enjoy this maybe 1-2 times a year personally, but would highly recommend it to anyone, and say a definite must if you have a child

Be sure to see my live in park tweets @TampaAmazeMe and other Tampa Bay news
Thanks for the review! I never hear much out of the LEGOLand parks but I've always found them to be fairly interesting from an industry observer's standpoint. They're really the only ones straddling the line between corporately owned theme park chains and small amusement parks aimed at kids and families.
This timing on this post is perfect! We are going for the first time over Christmas, and I really didn't know what to expect.

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I agree, Legoland Florida is a great park. The theming is surprisingly fantastic; almost every ride has some sort of easily visible theme that contributes to the experience. The Dragon in particular blew me away with its heavily-detailed dark ride experience before the roller coaster portion.

I'm sorry you didn't get to ride Coastersaurus, as that was probably the most "thrilling" of Legoland's coasters, although one doesn't really go to Legoland expecting a lot of big thrills. It is actually a fairly large wooden coaster with lots of up-and-down hills (not much banking) and friendly LEGO dinosaurs along the way. Anyway, considering the conversion from Cypress Gardens to Legoland left behind little more than the paths and the coasters, I feel like the park is very unique and was truly an experience. Many, many rides/attractions had an "interactive" element, something seriously lacking here in Virginia.

Also, for those in Virginia, I want to single out the "Safari Trek" ride for a moment. Safari Trek is similar to the old-fashioned car rides on a rail (Le Mans, Blue Ridge Tollway) except it's on an electric rail, meaning no gas fumes. This also did not allow visitors to start/stop the vehicle on their own, but that may have been a good thing to prevent children from randomly stopping on the ride and getting crashed into, or a parent meandering along the track to take pictures. Along the way, guests pass a variety of animatronic LEGO animals, including lions prowling on rocks and elephants spitting water while standing in a watering hole. I bring this ride up to a.) show how immersive and good at handling crowds/children Legoland is; b.) Consider some similar attraction for Kings Dominion some day, in some way to "bring back the safari" as people seem to want.

Anyway, LEGOland is a very high-quality park with lots of charm, theming, and interactivity. There is so much to do there! I would say in terms of how heavy it is, LEGOland's theming actually beats BGW's as of late. It was a very wonderful experience when I visited. Any enthusiast of the industry should definitely check it out; it's very interesting to see such a large theme park cater to such a different variety of guests. Pretty much anyone who likes LEGOs (95% of the American population? :p) would probably enjoy seeing this place.

And Gatorwrath, I hope you don't think I'm trying to steal your thunder here! That was a great Trip Report, thanks for taking the time to write it! :cool:
I was unfortunately unable to visit Christmas Town or Shamu's Christmas Celebration like I planned this year so instead, I went to Legoland for the very first time for their Christmas celebration. It was pretty busy that day, but thanks to the slow operations I wasn't able to get as much in as I planned.

The coasters are pretty solid. I unfortunately missed out on Flight School because I had to catch the last showing of the Lego Movie 4D but I've got plenty of opportunities to do that in the future.
The new Ninjago World is looking really neat. Can't wait for it to open so I can ride it
The Lego Movie 4D show was really cute
The apple fries are incredible. No wonder Legoland is famous for them.
Miniland is sooooo good. I could spend hours upon hours there if I had the time.
The fireworks show was really good.

Operations could use a lot of tweaking. One train on every coaster and it takes forever to dispatch them. At times they were pulling 5 minutes at some rides.
The Christmas celebration wasn't as extensive as it is in the other parks. Only the front area has lights and outside of that, there's a few Santa figures and some Santa minifigs in Miniland and that's it.
I was still a little disappointed I couldn't see everything in a day thanks to the crowds. I'll probably buy my annual pass soon so I can make a few more visits this year. Especially after Ninjago world opens.

I can't wait to come back here more often. This is a really nice park.
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