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Jul 10, 2011
Made my first trip Kennywood this month for opening day of Black Widow and was really impressed with the park.

Phantom's Revenge - I would say this coaster came as expected, not better and not worse. Unfortunately, I was only able to ride once (in the back) due to our schedule. It had some great moments, but it falls short to other newer steel coasters. The speed is very noticeable though.

The Exterminator - Ehh...

Sky Rocket - This coaster really surprised me, it was fun! I was impressed with the was almost too smooth and too quiet. It also features a rare cutback inversion.

Jack Rabbit - First coaster I have ridden without an official lap bar. That added to the ride. I didn't like that they wouldn't let you pick your row, but the attendant let us sit in the back. ACE Landmark.

Racer - I enjoyed this "figure 8" coaster.

Thunderbolt - Loved this coaster, rode 3 times. I didn't realize how the wooden coasters at Kennywood use the terrain...especially this one. The old trains were a nice touch as well.

Noah's Ark - What a unique amusement park experience, one of only two left in the world today. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ghostwood Estate - One of the best "shooters" I have ever been on. Parts of it were actually scary, especially if you get caught up in the game and things jump out at you.

Food - Had some patch fries with bacon and cheese and a corndog for lunch. Both were very, very tasty.

Entertainment - Simply didn't have time...
Glad you enjoyed Kenneywood. I grew up in Pittsburgh and this was my home park as a child. I was too scared of the roller coasters though. Someday I plan to go back and ride them!
Where in Pittsburgh?

My girlfriend is from that area, she was so happy to finally get me to Kennywood. lol

A few quick pictures...





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