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May 10, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Hey guys! I just got back from SFGA and review some rides there including the new X-Flight! To see what I thought about it go here:

Or just read this (but I love +1s!) Also, if you're on Google+ let me know so i can add you to my coaster circle!

Raging Bull - 7.5
I was really looking forward to this B&M. It's low to the ground layout makes it very different from other B&M hypers and the first part was AMAZING. Great drop, awesome turnaround, and then the FUCKING trim. Wow. I've never felt such a powerful trim. Going over what should be an airtime hill you instead get the feeling that someone in holding onto your backpack as you try to run. Besides one more moment of floater air and a powerful helix, this ride just failed to wow me.


X-Flight - 8.0
Speaking of rides that didn't wow me...X-Flight is the second B&M wingrider coaster in the US (the first being Wild Eagle at Dollywood) and it had a huge amount of hype behind it. This ride was absolutely the most looked forward to of any Six Flag's ride this year. Sitting down was awesome. The ride feels heavy and powerful. Going into the dive loop after the lift had awesome hangtime and is a very unique element. But then the ride turned into a classic B&M inversion combiner. The inversions were fairly forceless despite being on the side of the track but lacked the cinematic elegance of the immelemans on Griffon at Busch Gardens. The sense of speed was good but I was waiting for that wow moment. Seeing video of the ride there is an exciting near miss into an air control tower. The barrel roll is long (very long) and gives you time to see what you're about to "hit." It was effective, but slow and forceless. It was interesting but it looks better on camera than it does on ride. ALSO! The harness resembles those on B&M flyers but holy shit did these hurt my clavicles. For a ride with so much hangtime this definitely mattered. But damn does this ride look good (from a distance. paint wear and tear especially between track sections is classic Six Flags)


Viper - 7.0
Viper is a woodie that doesn't do anything too wrong, but doesn't give you what you want. It looks like it should rattle more than it does. It looks like you should get ejector air instead of brief floater air. And the layout isn't as interesting as the winding track looks. The ride is good clean fun and is enjoyable but also doesn't have anything that makes it all that special.


Demon - 5.5
This is by far the smoothest Arrow looper I've ever riden. Thank you for the trains Vekoma! All in all this is a pure arrow experience but not original enough to make it a standout attraction by today's standards. It's not too tall, not too fast, and if you can imagine lift, loop, loop, block break, turn, corkscrew, corkscrew, and a final breakrun you have riden Demon in your mind. I understand the historical significance of this ride, but it's a bore.


Batman - 6.5
.....Yes. This is the same B&M invert that's at many Six Flags...and I'm tired of it. Still very forceful and that surprise corkscrew and final helix always make me smile, but sheesh. I'm batman'ed out. I guess you can have too much of a good thing.

Vertical Velocity - 7.5/10
Although I consider this more of a thrill ride than a coaster in my head, this Intamin impulse coaster does what its clones do so well - make me go fast quickly. Launching you out of the station and up, and then launching you up the other way only to repeat, repeat makes this an enjoyable attraction that needs to be appreciated for what it is. It's not as good as the one in Cedar Point (gosh, that close to the beach!? so pretty) but it packs a punch and that's what counts with this one-trick pony.

Superman - 7/10 (not pictured)
Also another B&M clone at this park, this flying coaster has an uninspired layout that bores me to tears...that is until I sat back row and got whipped through the pretzel loop. Holy shit B&M! You can make things that are forceful! It redeemed this ride for me but not having dual-loading stations for a ride like this is not such a good idea (and is a fault Superman has in NJ as well). I definitely recommend the back row for this ride :)

Whizzer - 7.0/10 (not pictured)
I was expecting a very bumpy ride from this super old coaster but I was instead surprised with one of the smoothest rides in the park with a great sense of speed. Being strapped in with only a seatbelt that you can unhook at any time makes this a hit with those of you contemplating ending it all. A fun ride that actually made me a little nauseous for some reason.
One thing I learned from this Park Rating is that Cartergee doesn't like Cyclones. Glad that you enjoyed the trip, though!
Great trip report! Sorta disappointing to hear about X-Flight. I definitely had high hopes for that ride.

Also, +1'ed. ;)
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It was just really forceless leaving you hanging more than flying through awesome inversions. It feels like they designed a floorless and put wingriders on it minus that barrel roll. The shoulder harness was ACTUALLY painful. I liked Verbolten way more.
Exactly. Definitely didn't ride it. I just think that it felt like a ROLLER COASTER and that some people are spoiled by super smooth B&M's that are boring and forceless and that they should stop complaining about Verbolten FEELING LIKE A ROLLER COASTER. :D
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