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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
This was my first time back at the park in a while. Wow tons of changes to be had

Managed to hit the two newest rides in the park
InvadR - Wow this was a lot of fun. Had nice small pops of air everywhere. Layout could use a few larger hills but I really enjoyed this overall. The villager train looked like it was being refurbished since the bear was taken off of it. My biggest issue with the ride is the complete lack of shade anywhere. I really wish the kept some trees around the ride to at least hide parts of the ride and provide some shade. The lift hill also moves insanely slow so when its hot, you're pretty much baking. My other gripe is the ride lacks theming compared to Cobra's Curse. Everything else about the ride is fantastic from the awesome entrance to the themed up trains.

Battle for Eire - This ride is definitely the best use of VR anywhere. I hope more parks learn to utilize the same ride system. The movements on the simulator are a tad gentile for the film that's showing so it sorta pulls me out of the immersion but the movie is still leagues better than Europe in the Air and I love what they did with the castle facade. Load process can be a bit of a pain in the ass since the line moves slowly but its in AC so I can't complain too much

Loch Ness Monster 40 - I love that the park still takes care of this thing. The ride runs so much smoother and the special effects in the tunnel are a very welcome addition Kudos to BGW for giving this ride the love that it needs. I'll still miss the orange stripe though,

Other observations
Verbolten's queue is slowly being restored. It makes me so happy to see luggage without giant gashes and some of the old posters return
I've noticed a lot more clear cutting in spots. Please don't mess with the park's beauty like that.
InvadR's operations are amazing. The other rides were hit-miss. Still managed to get rerides on almost everything I rode.
Prices are a lot more expensive than I remember.
All the park pins are pretty much gone. All that's left are leftovers from Sesame Place. I picked up one of the LNM40th pins, but i have a feeling those will be the last new pins the park releases in a while.
This is still my favorite Sea World park
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