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Apr 23, 2014
Took a good friend's 10 year old daughter to KD yesterday. They have had a rough summer so this was going to be a morale booster day for her. It was also her first time being tall enough for all the big rides (orange band). Other than being extremely hot, it was a great day with light crowds! We got there around 10:45 or so.

We started off with Woodstock Whirlybirds then headed to Scooby..errr Woodstock Express. She summed it up perfectly with, "How is this a kiddie coaster? That was pretty intense!"

Then we headed over to Grizzly and rode that twice, once in the middle and once in the front. We both agreed that the middle was smoother but we got more air time in the front. Great coaster though, I don't understand the criticism it sometimes gets but hey, each to their own.

We debated over Windseeker but decided against it and went to Hurler next. This one has been OK to meh for me in the past. The drop is great and first turn is really rough but after that the layout is pretty boring, smoother but boring.

We hopped over to Ricochet next before doing lunch. I liked it better than she did. She wasn't too fond of the non-banked turns and felt like she was going to fly out, but that's kinda the point for wild mouse type coasters ;-D.

Had lunch at Country Kitchen. Got the fried chicken combo with mashed potatoes and baked beans, she got the kids meal. I'd say it was better than your average meal at KD so I was satisfied and she was thrilled to get the GoGo Squeeze apple strawberry applesauce.

We then scoped out some games we were going to do later in the day and then got on Americana since she had never done a ferris wheel before. After that we hit up Rebel Yell and they were racing today (which is a first for me in a looonng time)! We went back later in the day and rode the other side. Our train won both time we rode, woo! I think this was her favorite ride all day. It's nice and smooth if you sit in the middle row.

Next we did Backlot Stunt Coaster. The effects were working but they didn't seem to be in sync (mainly the guns and fire, the water "splash" effect was fine) with the coaster car? Oh well, it's fun little ride and we went back later in the day to ride it again.

We then cooled off at Sweet Frog for a bit before doing Boo Blasters twice. I didn't do real well points wise either time, off my game I guess, since she got way more points.

We then hit up Avalanche, Intimidator 305, Flight of Fear (she wasn't too fond of the aliens) and Anaconda (sat in the back row of the last car, yeah ouch, not the best place to be). All had very short waits so we got all these done in like 30 minutes. We skipped Volcano and rerode Backlot and Rebel Yell. Did a couple games next, the quarter toss and the ladder climb and walked away with nothing.

It was then about time for us leave (around 5) for the day so we did Dominator and tried to reride it but lightning off in the distance shut everything down so we didn't get our chance and we just went through a couple gift shops and then left for the day.

Overall it was great day and I liked the way we tackled the park as it seems everyone heads towards Safari Village first. We didn't go to the water park but it looked quite busy, which considering it was in the mid-90's all day is understandable.


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
coasterman00 said:
We hopped over to Ricochet next before doing lunch. I liked it better than she did. She wasn't too fond of the non-banked turns and felt like she was going to fly out, ...

Smart girl
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