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May 12, 2011
IF your looking for a trip report that focuses on the good things and improvements about the park, this is not it. I am not saying that this post will not feature some new things that have popped up, I'm just focusing on the minor details...

Let me just start out by saying that I have always admired the park itself and its beauty as a whole.
I love the park and it is my home park... It's also my favorite

I tend to notice the little details in the park and I'm posting this to tell you what I have noticed

Upon arrival in the park..

The old Here's to the Hero's ticket booth section is in dire need of some repair, the paint seems to be chipping off and certain wood panels look like they are coming loose

I will start out by saying that the new coca-cola market is top notch in my opinion, and I love the addition of the freestyle coke machines (looking forward to them being installed elsewhere in the park (lets hope)

-Some of the minor things that I have noticed, the burrito cart now has a cover on it when its not operational... Before it was just left the way it was.

One of the light posts outside london Rocks, one of the lights itself is hanging sideways and looking as if it may fall.

France: The griffon Exit area seems to have taken a beating with new decking handrail that hasn't yet been painted... Very standout ish....

New France: To me its a shame the show grill isn't being utilize but thats just due to budget cuts... To me I would cut out the pigs and kilts restaurant in Scotland....

Germany: One minor thing, The show entwined has seem to be changed again... no more elfs on the rolling barrels... that scene seems to be cut out

Italy: For the first time since I had visited there, the fountains on either side of the theater stage were turned on..... What a beautiful thing this makes this area..

I am also happy to report (don't know if this has been mention)
The little wooden People on the two kid rides : Little Gilders and something else.. Have RETURNED

Festa Italia: No new construction evidence was present....
Also the coke market place is now selling pizzas

Italy: pompeii Area

The snack stand appears to be keeping the Food and Wine overlay... The Sign has just been changed from Greece to Vesuvius Grill (like the name last year)...

Scotland: I love the new Highland Cattle edition... Fantastic

Dont get me wrong, the post may have seen a little negative but I had a great visit .... Just wanted to point out some minor things

Please leave comments about anything regarding minor details that I may have got wrong or missed, or even if you have noticed anything else...
MCMM said:
I actually thought this was an overall positive post. Either you are too hard on yourself or the Forum has deadened me to various levels of negativity.  

Great review!

Thanks, this is neither the case, I just want to show that I love the park but there are some minor details sometime that can be fixed easily...

Thanks so much for reading
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Zimmy said:
did you happen to notice the duck tape on the clock figures?  It is really a nice touch!

A visit one weeknight last week was the first time I saw a duct tape repair visible in the park. I was so happy to see the clock working on the hour, I quickly forgave the two duct taped figures. Still, I hope there is a way to repair the figures in a more professional way and/or paint the duct tape?
There is way more than two broken figures. There's four sets of them, every set has at least one broken figure, some have 2 or even 3 broken figures.
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It's the kind of thing that I would notice and that would depress me for the rest of the day. It's not just that the figures are broken. It's as if the duct tape is a clear message from the park management: "they're broken, we don't care at all, and we want you to know that". Any other temporary repair would have been better than that.
redheadtanman said:
-Some of the minor things that I have noticed, the burrito cart now has a cover on it when its not operational... Before it was just left the way it was.

There's a burrito cart?
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