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Sep 28, 2009
New York
I took my trip to Busch Gardens last weekend, here is how it goes.

We at the park around 11:45AM - hadn't eaten breakfast so we took the SkyRide from England to France and visited Trapper's Smokehouse for an early lunch. Following lunch it was about 12:30, so we took a trip over to Ireland and visited the Cavern of Darkness - which in the end appeared to be the best during the day. After that we visited Apollo's Chariot and one of our friend's went on the ride. I don't ride that paticular coaster due to the rainstraint type on it - I feel unsafe on huge coasters such as the Chariot unless it is an over the shoulder restraint. By this time it was 1:40PM, and it was quite humid out, so we took a trip over to Roman Rapids. I hadn't been on Roman Rapids in a few years sense it has always been closed for Howl-O-Scream so it was good to get on it again finally. Following that, everyone except for me was all soaking wet, so they utilized the "Family Dryer" located just near the Entrance of Cursed. It was now about 2:00, and it had begun to rain. Figures, we get ourselves dry and then it rains, so we head over to Curse of DarKastle to get out of the rain. DarKastle had alot bigger line than usual, they actually utilized the garden as part of the line today. Now it was 2:40 so we headed over to Alpengiest and I stopped for a SoBe Life Water on the way. After riding Alpengiest it was now around 3:10, so we walked through Rhinefield and our friend wanted some Funnel Cake, so we stopped. Now 3:20, we walk to Lochness monster to get on, following the ride it was about 3:40. So now we needed to get on Griffon, so we walk to the train in Festa Italia, and for whatever reason we wound up waiting for 10 minutes in the station. We ended up in New France at 4:10. I forgot why, but we decided not to go on Griffon and get some Tea and Coffee instead - following the snack we walked to Ireland to catch the 5PM showing of Jack is Back. After, we walke to San Marco and then over the bridge to get on line for Bitten/Hunted/Harvest Hallow - we got on line at about 5:30 - we got in at about 6:20. We finished the collection at about 6:35 we went to the Festhaus for some dinner, ending it with a 7:15 showing of FrankenRock. After dinner, we walked over to Italy to get into Cursed - now 7:40 we walked to Revenge of Pompeii, waiting in barely anyline. Finishing Pompeii we walked to Catacombs, waiting in one of the longest lines Ive ever been on. After waiting for Catacombs we finally got done at 9:15. We now needed to catch a night-ride of Lochness, over to lochness we went completing 9:40 - we then needed to get on line for a 10:00 showing of Monster Stomp. We watched, and enjoyed Monster Stomp and left the park around 10:40.
Good trip report, but I have to say, the restraint system on Apollo is what made it so special. It was the first B&M hyper and the system they implemented showed a new level of freedom of movement for that ride type. Feeling unsafe but knowing you are is what is so great about Apollo and being stapled is the worst thing that could happen on that coaster. I think that thought right as you're about to go down the first hill as to whether or not that lap bar is coming up is great, plus shoulder restraints wouldn't really allow you to float over the hills.
If Apollo had an OTS system, I think I would HATE it. That is why Intimidator 305 doesn't interest me that much. IMO, if it doesn't have loops (though, when they do have loops it is even better- aka Mr. Freeze), and they can have a lap-bar, they should. If only KD though the same thing.

It's all about the freedom, man! :D

BTW: Very nice Trip Report.
Okay, the thing with I305 is that it has 85 degree banking at up to and over 90mph . THAT is why they are having OTS harness systems. You're taking the S curve at 90+mph.
kcracken said:
Okay, the thing with I305 is that it has 85 degree banking at up to and over 90mph . THAT is why they are having OTS harness systems. You're taking the S curve at 90+mph.

On a well designed ride you should be fine with a lap bar, the newer B&M hypers have banked turnarounds that go over 90 degrees. Obviously they aren't going into the turnaround as fast as I305, but the banking should just push the riders down in the seat. It shouldn't require an OTS harness; given that Intamin is going with an OTS system, it makes me think that riders should be ready to get slammed against the restraints.

I was underwhelmed with I305 ever since I saw the layout, it doesn't impress me and there's a 99% chance that I'm not going to make a trip to KD to ride it.

This trip report launched and unexpected conversation btw.
Agreed, I305 is going to = pain. I have to say though, with all of the problems that Intamin has been having lately, OTS restraints with a manual lock might be the best way to go...
Haha, I understand what you guys mean. If it is safe enough to have a lap bar over a over-the-shoulder restraint you'd perfer it. I just feel very unsafe going on a ride that tall with just a lap bar though.
Here's the reason I want an OTS restraint. And at near 90mph, too.


(I was also thinking we might need to move this part of the thread elsewhere since it is off topic, but on enough for the forum, but where to put it?)
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