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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
Popped my Studios and Animal Kingdom cherry today. Two really great parks

- Tower of Terror is definitely one of the best rides in Orlando period. The theming combined with such a unique ride system made for a really fun little ride for the park.
- Rock n Roller Coaster was pretty good. The theming is obviously top-notch. The ride itself feels like it wants to be Flight of Fear, but it can't seem to reach that standard.
- Toy Story Mania was alright. A fun dark ride but nothing I'd wait more than 30 mins for.
- Saw the Star Wars Launch Bay. That was a real neat experience. Also got to meet Kylo Ren. - Got my photo with Olaf as well.
- Star Tours is fun. Can't wait to ride it more times to get all the endings.
Got to be an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. VIP seating and a meet n greet with the cast thanks to hookups.

Studios is a wonderful park but it needs more stuff to do. We managed to finish most of the main stuff sans Great Movie Ride in half a day.

Studios is also pretty barren Pokemon Go-wise. I got better captures at Animal Kingdom.

Spent the rest of the day at Animal Kingdom.
- Everest is pretty damn good. I'm sure it made its way into my top 20. Rode it four times. Twice during the day and twice at night. The night ride was obviously the better ride.
- Did the night safari. Not sure if I'd ever do it again. The animals are insanely hard to see in the dark. Compared to Great Adventure's, Kilamanjaro has better presentation and better theming, but I thought Safari Off Road has more interactive hosts and their animals seemed to have a much larger area to wander.
- Nemo Musical was wonderful. Got VIP access and a cast meet & greet there too.
- The 4D show was OK. Just a typical 4D show but in a much cooler location than any other 4D show I've seen.

This park also lacks a lot of things to do. I thought there would be more animal exhibits on the pathways like Tampa, but all the animals seem to be relegated to the safari ride.
Great review!

For the night safari, the hosts are instructed to be quieter and talk less than they do during the day, so as not to disturb the animals who are still out and about. There's also an enormous backstage area for the animals to roam that isn't visible to guests; the Imagineers designed the attraction to ensure that the animals would be within guest view as much as possible.
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