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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
The last park on my trip. I really miss both VA parks.

Twisted Timbers is officially my number 4 coaster pushing El Toro down to number 5. Stellar ride, fantastic air all over, excellent pacing, great theming, night rides are a beast, and they converted one of the worst roller coasters ever into one of the best in the world. My main issue is operations can be a tad sluggish but the ride itself completely makes up for it. We got about 7 rides in on it. Would've been more if the line wasn't sitting at an hour by afternoon and the crew was running a little better.

The rest of the park
- Rebel Yell didn't have as much air as I remember, but its running so much smoother now.
- I305 is still phenomenal.
- Grizzly is officially the best hidden gem in this park. Its a lot smoother than it was a few years back but its still bouncy enough to deliver a wild ride. Night rides are an absolute blast and completely unpredictable. Ejector air on the first drop? Yep! Terrifying tunnel full of air that comes out of nowhere? Hell yes! Completely out of control since its still in the middle of the woods? Oh my God yes! The view of the KD skyline at the turnaround? Completely unforgettable.
- Skipped out on FOF since the line was obscene all day long. Typical of FOF though.
- Not a fan of 305 and Rebel Yell closing down early for fireworks and then staying down through the night. Also the chaser lights on the rides were turned off. RIP
- The park seems a lot better landscaped. Some parts even rival BGW.
- Crowds weren't as bad as we predicted thankfully. FOF and Timbers had the worst lines in the park.
- Speaking of park pins disappearing, KD only had pins available for Timbers and a few leftover KD40 pins. C'mon KD.

I'm gonna really miss both BGW and KD but visiting them makes me really appreciate how lucky VA is to have two world class parks with a great selection of rides. Everyone always raves about Ohio, PA, SoCal, and Orlando so VA truly is a hidden gem in terms of theme parks

On a side note we crashed at the former Best Western turned two motels across from the park on the Motel 6 side. A pretty decent room, but its hella no-frills. Even though we got a smoking room, the bed sheets were paper thin, and the overall motel has definitely seen better days, its a decent place to crash if you're just looking for a quick, cheap room.

And because its a former Best Western, I believe all the resort amenities like the tennis courts and pools are included.
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